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Ask an Expert

Looking for a new place to hike, ski, or adventure? We asked expert adventurers for some of their favorite adventures and you can find them shared here. Are we missing something amazing? E-mail and we’ll keep our list up to date!

Angels Rest 10mi Loop

Steep uphill initially leads to stunning views over the Columbia River Gorge from Angel’s Rest. Hiking further toward Devils Rest leads to scenic waterfalls along the hike and a high point over 2400 feet above the river below. Strenuous 10 miles, with views at every turn. Plan for several hours of hiking.

CalTopo Blog

Parcel Data

We’ve made a few changes to map layers including a major new addition! We’ve added a parcel overlay for the US. This data set contains property boundaries and addresses (left image) for a majority of the US, and ownership information (right image) for many of those properties as well. This new overlay is live now […]