Grand Sawtooths Loop - Part 1
Side Trail to Great Camping at Trail Creek Lakes
Trail to Observation Peak (~1mi) - Well Worth the Trip!!!
Grand Sawtooths Loop - Part 2
Short side trip to Lake 8861'. Great scenic and deserted campsites
Great Sidetrip to Everly and Plummer Lake (~2mi)
Great Camping at Trail Creek Lakes
Another Campsite near Trail Creek Lakes
Observation Peak - 9151 ft.
Amazing Views of the Sawtooth Range from the top of Observation Peak.
Best Camping is by the Upper McGown Lake
Great Campsites by Upper McGown Lake
View of Mt. Regan is the Greatest view in all of the Sawtooths
Good campsites but can be crowded
Two good Campsites here near creek crossing
Great campsite beneath some Fir trees
Tohobit Falls
Great Campsite with early season flowers
Campsite with good solitude right after creek crossing.
Great Campsites!
Amazing Views all around!!!
Good Campsites - Less Crowded than at Alpine Lake below
Good Campsites - Great Views of Packrat Peak
In early season, cross at a log-jam about 100yds downstream of normal crossing.
Campsite at creek crossing
Best Campsites are at Lower and Middle Cramer Lake
Great Campsites
Fair Campsites - But the view is unbeatable!!
Campsites at tip of Hidden Lake
Great Secluded and Scenic Campsites. Worth the side trip!
Great Campsite
Great camping on the gently sloping shore of Vernon Lake
Great fishing for brook trout in this little lake!
Fantastic camping sites near lake outlet. Be ready to compete with horse parties though.
Fantastic Views
A couple of good campsites near the NE shore of Spangle Lake
Fantastic Campsites here. Great fishing and spectacular sunsets!
Creekside Campsite
Great Campsite just above Smith Falls
50 foot wide stream crossing
Decent Campsite
Campsite at Elk Lake
Trailhead at Grandjean Campground
Turn Left at junction and proceed up Trail Creek
baron lake2
baron lake
Middle Cramer Lake
Baron lake3
Alpine Lake
cramer lake
Middle Cramer Lake2
upper cramer lake
unamed tarn above cramer lake
hidden lake
hidden lake reflection
Edna Lake
edna vernon lakes
vernon lake
imogene lake