Route mainly directly from Hayduke Trail book by Mitchell & Coronella. Many alternates listed, but concerns about trampling cryptobiotic soil and erosion, and route clarifications caused me to edit liberally. Some alternates from other folks are **specifically not included** because they will either complicate your day or make you trample crypto soil. I have thru-hiked this twice, hitting the main route AND alts. I will argue with anyone who believes this route is entirely backcountry: if you have your eyes peeled there is trail almost anytime you're not in a wash or on a road. There's A LOT of detail! Deselect folders at the right of the map to get rid of things you don't need and simplify the view. Please get in touch with comments littlepackage at protonmail dot com
(Devils Garden Alternate Start. Easy drop off, all the arches, then drop down into the Valley, trample tons of cryptobiotic soil, and rejoin Hayduke,. Only 2.5 miles longer than starting at the official start. Tested. Nicolas Barth Ryan "Tuna Helper" Weidert September 2013 Walked 2016 by Puppy, problem was lots of crypto getting destroyed )
(Moab Packraft Alternate. No permit required for private party on river from Hwy 191 bridge to Canyonlands park boundary. 22 miles to last exit Tested. Nicolas Barth Ryan "Tuna Helper" Weidert September 2013 Flatwater the whole way. We did it in $20 Intek Explorer 200s.)
alt not great - follow Hayduke (Indian Creek exit alt (cairned). This route appears easier than HDT route. Was pretty straightforward. Cairns seen at intervals suggesting this is a regularly used route. Tested. Nicolas Barth Ryan "Tuna Helper" Weidert September 2013)
(A detour to view The Loop, some scrambling involved.)
(Butler Wash Dryfall Bypass. Tested. Nicolas Barth Ryan "Tuna Helper" Weidert September 2013)
Wave Detour (have permits!) (Permits are distinctive tags worn on the outside of packs. Tour guides, not just rangers, have license to cite hikers without permits. 20 permits are issued per day, 10 in advance and 10 by lottery at 9am daily in Kanab.)
(AZT to North Rim Entrance Station. Hike down AZT to Hwy 67, then hitch 10 miles to North Rim Store etc for resupply before entering the main GC. Could get permit there as well.)
(Tapeats Cave Approach)
(West Rim/Kolob Canyons Extension. Great, scenic trails. PERMITS REQUIRED. Fitting end to the Hayduke Trail as it ends right at the very edge of the Colorado Plateau (with a good view). Permits are relatively easy to get while in Zion or online.)
(Angels Landing Detour)
(Kolob Arch Detour - stay on trail.)
(Section 1 Arches Nat'l Park to Hurrah Pass - easy - wet)
(Section 9 - Willis Creek to Arizona Trail Stateline Trailhead. 66 miles, moderate, damp. Permits needed for Grand Staircase--Escalante Nat'l Monument and Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park)
(Section 13 - North Rim, Grand Canyon Nat'l Park to Hack Canyon. 87 miles, EXTREME exertion, wet section. Grand Canyon backcountry permits to Jumpout Canyon.)
(Section 8 - Round Valley Draw to Willis Creek. 49 miles, moderate, damp)
(Section 14 - Hack Canyon to the Weeping Wall, Zion National Park. 70 miles, difficult, begins dry, ends moist. Zion National Park requires backcountry overnight permits.)
(Section 12 - Horseshoe Mesa to the North Rim, Grand Canyon Nat'l Park. 35 miles, moderate to difficult, damp. Grand Canyon backcountry permits required.)
(Section 9 - Willis Creek to Arizona Trail Stateline Trailhead. 66 miles, moderate, damp. Permits needed for Grand Staircase--Escalante Nat'l Monument and Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park)
(Section 9 - Willis Creek to Arizona Trail Stateline Trailhead. 66 miles, moderate, damp. Permits needed for Grand Staircase--Escalante Nat'l Monument and Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park)
(Section 7 Hole-in-the-Rock Road to Round Valley Draw. 81 miles, difficult, dry. Grand Staircase--Escalante Nat'l Monument requires overnight backcountry permits)
(Section 6 Burr trail, Capitol Reef Nat'l Park to Hole-in-the-Rock Road. 72.5 miles, difficult to extreme, first dry then wet. Poison oak, rattlesnakes, scorpions)
(Section 5 - Poison Spring Canyon to the Burr Trail, Capitol Reef Nat'l Park 49 miles, moderate to difficult, damp)
(Section 4 - Hite to Poison Spring Canyon. 36 miles, moderate, damp)
(Section 11 - Nankoweap Trailhead to Horseshoe Mesa, Grand Canyon Nat'l Park. 47 miles, moderate to difficult, wet. Grand Canyon backcountry permits required)
(Section 3 - Big Spring Trailhead, Canyonlands Nat'l Park to Hite. 68 miles difficult, dry (cache or long water hauls might be needed))
(Section 2 - Hurrah Pass to Big Spring Trailhead, Canyonlands Nat'l Park. ~47 miles, moderate, damp)
(Section 9 - Willis Creek to Arizona Trail Stateline Trailhead. 66 miles, moderate, damp. Permits needed for Grand Staircase--Escalante Nat'l Monument and Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park)
(Section 10 - Arizona Trail Stateline Trailhead to Nankoweap Trailhead. 61 miles easy, dry. NO PERMITS NECESSARY.)
(Road to Hanksville. 17.64mi to town, downhill towards town.)
(Road to Cannonville. 14.2 miles, mostly downhill toward town (goes through valley). Should be well-traveled.)
(Road to Cannonville 2 - 5.8 miles mostly uphill)
(Road to Escalante. 38.8 miles (uphill towards town))
(Road to Kanab.27.3 miles, goes over big hill, basically. Hwy 89)
Kaibab to South Rim (3427' up, 5.78 miles to hwy 180, 9 miles to Bright Angel)
Grand Canyon Alt (Tonto Trail)
(To Bass Beach. Estimation of route (follow cairns down))
(Salt Creek Alternate (from Needles Outpost))

(Dark Canyon Alt)
(Elephant Canyon to Needles 7.11 miles)
(Peekaboo Trail 5 miles - it's GREAT)

(North Bass Trail)
Jackson Hole Alt (MTB trails on the north end. Very good, recommended.)
(Halls Creek / Stevens Canyon Alt)
(Halls Creek / Stevens Canyon Alt)

4x4 alt to summit in case of snow (VERY steep, can be slippery even when dry.)
Dirty Devil bypass (tested 4/16) (Beautiful!!! A little water, don't count on it, though.)
CRYPTOBIOTIC SOIL FIELDS, try to walk along fence if you can find it - corner waypoint added to help
(Dry 5/2016)

(Hise-Willow Spring)

Sungabi Creek
(Maroney Well Dry 5/2016. Decent wind block with tree cover inside.)
(Powell Spring)

Johns Tank
Crystal Spring - excellent 5/2016
totally unverified

Crane Lake (wet but definitely filter )
(Glenn Lakes)

Buffalo Trick Tank
Ridge Tank
Big Ridge Tank (dry 2016)

Orderville Tank
unverified tank (looks promising on map)
unverified tank
Good water behind large tank 5/2016 (Looked horrible but tasted great, plentiful.)
Government Reservoir (dry 2016)
Joe's Reservoir
Navajo Trait Trick Tank (unverified)
unverified tank

(Bullberry Spring)
(Lonely Spring)
(Birch Spring)

46.7 Mi

Water 10.6 Mi
Water 12.2 Mi
(King Bottom Spring)
Sun shelter/restrooms
(Be careful navigating when leaving Indian Creek)
Loop Overlook
Confluence Overlook
(Unclimbable 40ft dryfall on route)
(Homewater Spring - make sure to go to the source, very cattle-fouled troughs)
South Spring
(Youngs Canyon Spire)
Sundance Trail "switchbacks" - CYOA (Too many cairns - do remove ridiculously placed cairns.)
Rock Canyon Climbing Escape
Fortress Rocks
Crescent Creek
Capitol Reef Park Boundary (permits)
(Brimhall Double Bridge Arch)
(Old Mining Track)
(Coyote Swimming Hole)
(Cottonwood Spring)
(Mudhole Spring (last decent water for 30 miles))
(Yellow Paradise Slot Canyon)
Wahweap Creek (water unlikely unless recent heavy rains)
Cottonwood Canyon Rd (could hitch to Ranger Station if traffic)

Drop in/Climb out of slot (Round Valley Slot Canyon, drop in 15-20', lower packs first then ease down wall sides.)
(Moki House and Cave)
(Watson Cabin)
Ranger Station w/ Water
Pigeon Spring
Park Entrance
(Nankoweap Ruins)
(Little Colorado River ford)
Red Canyon / Hance Trail
Cave of the Domes (You must have permits to spelunk in the Grand Canyon.)
North Rim Lodge
Basin Spring
(Kanabownits Spring)
(Tipover Spring)
(Swamp Lake)
Cave* (*Peter Huntoon (1970) estimated that Tapeats Spring discharges about 48 million gallons of water per day (mgd), twice that of Thunder River or Roaring Springs, making it the largest spring on the north side of the Grand Canyon. Rockfalls covered the original outlet. The cave is estimated to have 1 mile of tunnels. You must have permits to enter caves in Grand Canyon.)
Water 40.9 Mi
Whispering Falls (Beautiful grotto and pool. 15 minute side trip with a short traverse and a quick climb)
62.6 Mi (Jumpup Canyon - GCNP west border)
Water 77.1 Mi ((Warning: Uranium-polluted))
(Hack Reservior Dry 5/2016)
Poverty Grotto (Canyoneering side trip)
54.2 Mi (Small Boulder Falls)
(Misery Canyon (suggested 1hr detour - canyoneering))
Labyrinth Falls
Zion East Entrance
Water 65.6 Mi
Bus Stop (Free buses run in Zion and down into Springfield. Take advantage!)
Bus Stop
(Kolob Arch)
La Verkin Creek
View (Edge of the Colorado Plateau)
Spring (?) (Also, streams/roads will be wet after rain in early season near here.)
Ledge Spring (Good water, good flow, easy access)
Water possible (Water in Creek (sept '13))
Water (26-SEP-13 11:46:21AM)
Seep Spring (Dry 5/2016)
worth exploring ;)
Devil's Garden HDT Start (Water. Bathrooms nearby at campground)
Klondike Bluffs HDT Start (Untested.)

(Trash and bathrooms)
Ped Bridge (Bridge is very nice, quiet, much less terrifying than highway.)
Packraft exit possible
Packraft exit (Easy scramble to road. Tested. Nicolas Barth Ryan "Tuna Helper" Weidert September 2013)
Rustler Cyn Dryfall (Descend via cracked rocks at south side / Straight down the dryfall then across ledge is easiest)
(Cross to true left before vegetation appears)
(Bottom of Fable Trib Dryfall Bypass. Climb slope on true right to base of cliff. Follow ledge along the overhang.)
(Top of Fable Trib Dryfall Bypass)
(Easy-moderate scrambles here)
(Loose/steep scree slope)
Magic School Bus (abandoned school bus)
Dryfall (Location approximate. Bypassible immediately on left side. Very loose, steep (a little sketchy).)
19.1 Mi - find ferry here - OK camping ((if not packrafting))

Poison Ivy not seen fall 2017
Escalante, UT (Cell reception here, health food store, great pizza/salads, cheap hotels, interagency center for permits.)
Tropic, UT (Cell reception here (roaming), good wifi, groceries )
Hanksville (Very nice town according to Wired. Hanksville Inn owner very nice. Whispering Sands Motel closer to computer access.)
Kanab, UT (Zip code 84741. Population 4500. On Arizona state line. Get in lottery to win Wave permit here. Hiker Tumbleweed lives here (Wired stayed with her).)
Hite (Hite is a ghost town at the north end of Lake Powell along the Colorado River in eastern Garfield County, Utah, )
Colorado City (Colorado City is a town in Mohave County, Arizona, United States, and is located in a region known as the Arizona Strip. According to the 2010 census, the population of the town was 4,821. The Colorado City/Hildale, Utah area has the world's highest incidence of fumarase deficiency, an extremely rare genetic condition which causes severe Intellectual disability. Geneticists attribute this to the prevalence of cousin marriage between descendants of two of the town's founders, Joseph Smith Jessop and John Y. Barlow; at least half the double community's roughly 8,000 inhabitants are descended from one or both.)
Hurricane (Recommend instead of Colorado City! Rodeway Inn has good rates and WIFI, with all you can eat-type restaurant across the street. Shopping in town.)
Moab (Moab is a city in Grand County, in eastern Utah, in the western United States. The population was 5,046 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat and largest city in Grand County. Zip code: 84532)
Needles Outpost (Very small store and restaurant)
Dark Canyon Trailhead (Li alternate)
St. George
Jacob Lake (2.8 miles off route. Cell reception. Campground, inn, restaurant, bakery.)
Water (Reliable? Dry in fall 2017)
Water (3.2 miles to Colorado River)
Fable Spring - 2.4 miles south on trail
23.8 Mi
21.7 Mi
11.8 Mi
6.2 Mi
3.8 Mi
27 Mi
30.4 Mi
Water 34.1 Mi
35.1 Mi
38.5 Mi
40.2 Mi
51.9 Mi
66.1 Mi
54.1 Mi
55.1 Mi
57.5 Mi
Water 58.8 Mi
12.1 Mi
10.5 Mi
2.2 Mi
16.0 Mi
21.1 Mi (Circle Cliffs Pass)
22.9 Mi
26.7 Mi ( (bailout to the north if necessary))
Water 31.3 Mi
31.7 Mi (at Moody Confluence)
34.2 Mi
59.7 Mi
67.2 Mi
Water mile 37.6
34.7 Mi
32.9 Mi
30.1 Mi
31.0 Mi
22.7 Mi
21.3 Mi (If southbound, grab a good amt of water sooner than later in Rogers Cyn to last through Navajo Cyn - the lower you go the more alkaline it gets.)
18.3 Mi (Petroglyphs near here?)
11.3 Mi
10.5 Mi
23.1 Mi
23.8 Mi
26.8 Mi
29.9 Mi
32.3 Mi
Water 35.1 Mi
36.9 Mi
39.3 Mi
42.5 Mi
42.9 Mi
44.3 Mi
45.6 Mi
46.7 Mi
Water (pothole)
21.0 Mi
Water 15.0 Mi
13.2 Mi
4.0 Mi
6.0 Mi
25.4 Mi
Water 27.1 Mi
32.8 Mi
35.5 Mi
2.2 Mi
4.7 Mi
4.9 Mi
5.2 Mi
6.1 Mi
8 Mi
10.9 Mi
Water 10 Mi (creek)
14.1 Mi
16.7 Mi
17.8 Mi (Look for mailbox/register. Cell reception)
18.3 Mi
18.9 Mi
19.2 Mi
2.0 Mi
3.8 Mi
7.5 Mi
9 Mi
10.3 Mi
17.5 Mi
23.1 Mi
Very good water
24.9 Mi
26.3 Mi
30.2 Mi
Water (Kane Creek Spring - wonderful)
36.8 Mi
39.7 Mi
2.7 Mi
3.9 Mi
4.5 Mi
6.8 Mi
11.3 Mi
16.8 Mi
20.9 Mi
38.4 Mi
45.1 Mi
47.1 Mi

20.2 Mi
20.8 Mi
20.5 Mi
21.9 Mi
23.3 Mi
22.9 Mi - pouroff
Water 23.7 Mi
24.1 Mi
23.9 Mi
24.8 Mi
31.9 Mi
32.6 Mi
33.1 Mi
34.4 Mi
34.6 Mi
33.4 Mi
33.6 Mi
35.3 Mi
Water 37.1 Mi
36.4 Mi
37.9 Mi
39.0 Mi
41.3 Mi
Water 41.6 Mi
46.5 Mi
46.8 Mi
48.9 Mi
49.8 Mi
54.0 Mi
59.6 Mi
61.4 Mi
63.8 Mi
65.7 Mi
70.5 Mi
Grosvenor Arch - 77.2 Mi (Recommend yogi water here or during road walk - good tourist traffic - long waterless stretch esp. if headed East)
78.2 Mi
80.8 Mi
Water mile 7.5 (fouled spring)
water (very alkaline)
40.4 Mi

Horsehoof Arch
Druid Arch
All American Man (petroglyph - trail goes in loop detour if desired - with fun navigating up and THRU a wall)

Joint Trail

1.7 Mi
2.9 Mi - EXCELLENT narrows
4.4 Mi
6.0 Mi
Water 11.2 Mi
Water 13.1 Mi
Water 14.8 Mi
20.8 Mi
Water 23.7 Mi (disgusting)
25.9 Mi
30.1 Mi - stock up on any good water until Hackberry
36.7 Mi
41.4 Mi
42.9 Mi
Water 49.0 Mi
0.7 Mi
7.5 Mi
8.2 Mi
10.8 Mi
13.8 Mi
16.8 Mi
20.9 Mi
Water 21.6 Mi
22.5 Mi
23.4 Mi
24.2 Mi
27.0 Mi
Water 27.9 Mi
31.2 Mi
32.8 Mi
38.8 Mi
40.8 Mi
47.3 Mi
50.6 Mi
50.9 Mi
58.5 Mi
63.2 Mi
64.8 Mi
66.3 Mi
9.9 Mi
8.5 Mi
4.3 Mi
14.1 Mi
19.0 Mi
23.9 Mi
29.6 Mi
33.4 Mi
39 Mi
43.6 Mi
46.1 Mi
47.7 Mi
49.2 Mi
64.8 Mi
51.0 Mi - first view of Grand Canyon
53.4 Mi
55.9 Mi - water not appetizing
57.9 Mi
60.1 Mi
2.0 Mi
Water 7.8 Mi (Nankoweap Creek - reliable, tasty)
10.6 Mi
15.9 Mi
16.6 Mi
18.1 Mi
20.0 Mi
29.5 Mi
32.0 Mi
38.3 Mi
35.7 Mi
35.2 Mi
41.9 Mi
45.4 Mi
45.8 Mi
Water 46.5 Mi
47.1 Mi
1.8 Mi
2.7 Mi
5.3 Mi
5.9 Mi
8.6 Mi
9.1 Mi
10.8 Mi
11.1 Mi
12.1 Mi
Water 11.5 Mi (Large fenced trough with gate. Clear water 5/2016)
13.0 Mi
14.0 Mi
15.1 Mi
16.1 Mi
17.5 Mi
18.8 Mi
18.5 Mi
20.0 Mi
24.6 Mi
28.0 Mi
30.4 Mi
34.5 Mi
35.6 Mi
37.2 Mi
41.5 Mi
42.7 MI
45.2 Mi
53.1 Mi
49.8 Mi
54.9 Mi
56.5 Mi
56.9 Mi
58.7 Mi
59.5 Mi
62.7 Mi
66.1 Mi
67.6 Mi
68.4 Mi
69.4 Mi
69.9 Mi

(Route down here?)
(Angels Landing)
0.4 Mi
2.5 Mi
3.2 Mi
4.3 Mi
7.8 Mi
8.9 Mi
11.1 Mi
11.7 Mi
14.3 Mi
14.7 Mi
17.3 Mi
18.4 Mi
19.8 Mi
20.3 Mi
27.9 Mi
31.0 Mi
30.2 Mi
Water 32.6 Mi
Water 33.1 Mi
37.4 Mi
39.5 Mi (trail crossing)
38.3 Mi
41.1 Mi
42.1 Mi
44.4 Mi
45.0 Mi
49.4 Mi
Water 57.9 Mi
71.5 Mi
81.4 Mi
87.2 Mi
28.5 Mi
67.5 Mi
67.9 Mi

cairn (37.524010 -110.868782)
cairn (37.519900 -110.872542)
cairn (37.518281 -110.875464)
cairn (37.518723 -110.877286)
cairn (37.510955 -110.883167)
There are cairns, but this is an easy slickrock free-for-all (37.509143 -110.887013)
(Enter the wash from above)
Go down/up this wall, follow tracks (Top of "switchback" bypass - 37.502556 -110.907140)
(Exit Canyon Bypass - 37.501749 -110.906932)
(Drop back in using ramp. 37.486306 -110.927106)
(Re-enter main drainage above dryfall - 37.472523 -110.935138)
Ascend/descend here (Inner canyon exit ramp (south side) - 37.456455 -110.959043 You'll want to be going UP if headed East and going DOWN if headed West.)
(Poison Ivy Hill. Get over it using well-used route on south side of the canyon up over the hill and back down. 37.441261 -110.974921)
(My route down off slickrock (Jamal David Green at
(My exit point near bottom of Baker route - 37.538538 -110.852807)
21.8 Mi
20.4 Mi
19.5 Mi
17.9 Mi
13.1 Mi
12.0 Mi
6.6 Mi
17.7 Mi
20.0 Mi
1.7 Mi
0.9 Mi
56.3 Mi
55.6 Mi
57.4 Mi
57.7 Mi
42.8 Mi* (*Follow game trail up cliff band ~200 feet until mile 44.3 then descend.)
Scotty's Castle (Not to be confused with Scotty's Castle in Death Valley.)
72.5 Mi
Fat Man's Misery (Easy to follow, no poison ivy 5/2016, a tiny bit of poison ivy 9/2017. Most everyone takes this route up/down)
Cracked Spring (piped, excellent) (in west wall, historic, piped, great flow 5/2016, inflow visible from Paria's edge)
Exit Exit Canyon (stay high) (Move to south side of canyon and stay high, watch for use trail and cairns. Do not drop into inner canyon.)
Water 5/2016
Apron/tank just to west of trail, look up embankment. (full late may 2016, dry 10/2017)
Dog Flat (Home to many dinosaur bones and digs)
Water (foul - don't plan on drinking) (full of cow shit)
Campground w/BR no water. May need to yogi water here (or at parking lot at end out House Rock Road)
(wet but definitely filter)
(water pouring from hillsides after precipitation)
Excellent detour to Yellow Mountain by side trail (You can bypass Cottonwood Canyon and most the cattle mess there - the long horns can be aggressive!)
Water possible in seeps (seen 5/16) (full of frogs, not very tasty)
well fouled by cattle
Piped spring flowing gallons/min (slightly sulfuric)
Watch for tinajas with water in slope

Keep an eye out for efficient/scenic paths away from the water (These were probably the old trail when the creek had more water? Some are in very good shape and afford better views.)
Possibly DEEP water (wade/swim) (You will have to be ready to waterproof and wade in water possibly over your head depending on run-off.)
Muley Tanks
If wet might find tinajas here
follow good game trails / old mining roads
water possible
significant grade, follow tracks and wind your way up/down
water in dark canyon (good flow, parts are good for swimming)
Big 20' pouroff - skirt to the south on rock
Angel Arch (worthwhile detour)
Petroglyphs high up
Quick 3-4 scramble (Look for way up/down to east of huge boulder pile just above road.)
water possible
Sheering Corral Reservoir (?)
Favor water northeast of here if flowing (Highly recommend taking water several miles northeast of here. By this point south, the water tastes foul. Tip: water flowing off white/grey rock tastes "alkaline." Favor red rock water. 5/2016)
Pancho's Kitchen (Coveted south side campsite)
Route goes into canyon/narrows
This backcountry bit goes over fields cryptobiotic. Tread lightly, try to follow cattle tracks.
Follow cattle/miner trail
HUGE dryfall
30 ft waterfall (some bypass to west)
Not a good alt (The Tuna Helper alt that comes through here is awful compared to the actual Hayduke. I've hiked them both.)
(An explorer might follow nice bison track SW down the ridge from here instead of taking Granite Creek. The woods are fairly open (especially right here in a clear cut, hehe).)
(Self-issued PERMIT station for GSENM)