(Keith's Hut to Anniversary Glacier - Skirt along right side of morraine up to toe of glacier at approx. 2000m depending on snow line. Approx. 1hr 25mins )
(Anniversary Glacier to Joffre-Matier Col - Mellow glacier up to the Col between Joffre Peak and Mt. Matier. Approx. 1hr 15mins )
Leg 1 (Hwy 99 to Keith's Hut - Parking lot 3.3km past green roof warehouse, opposite 'End Avalanche Area' sign. Winter trail is a few hundred meters further along road. Approx. 2hrs)

Keith's Hut (Elevation: 1650 m (5413 ft) Location: 50.34670,-122.41670 50:20:48, -122:25:00 10U 541502 5577342 (9 km SW of Duffey Lake). (27 km E of Pemberton). (3 km NE of Mount Matier))
Mt Taylor
Joffre Pk
Cayoosh Mountain
Joffre Lakes Parking
Heart Strings
Marriot Basin Parking (KM 17 on Duffey Lake Road)
Southern Comfort Chute
Aussie Couloir
Mt Matier
Slalok Mountain