Various local trails around Palm Springs, Calif. Not a comprehensive collection.
Willow Creek loop
Ernie Maxwell, Fern Valley loop
Maynard Mine
Tahquitz Falls
San Jacinto from tramway
Black Mtn trail
Marion Mtn trail
Devil's Slide to Tahquitz Peak
South Ridge to Tahquitz Peak
Garstin/Thielemann loop
Victor trail loop
Murray Hill through hike
Descanso trail
Palm Canyon, Vandeventer, Wentworth loop
Palm Canyon, Dry Wash, Vandeventer loop
Oswit Canyon
Shannon trail
Araby lollipop
Garstin trail
Suicide Rock
Skyline trail
Pelton trail loop
Guadalupe Trail
Art Smith through hike
Fuller Ridge
Jo Pond trail to PCT
Murray Hill loop
Lykken trail
Palm Canyon Through Hike
Cathedral Canyon to Dunn Rd loop
Pacific Crest Trail
Morris Ranch trail
Spitler trail
Potato Head
Stone pools
Wrong Way Rock
Florian's Cache (Site)
Flat Rock
Shannon trailhead
Araby trailhead
Rimrocks trailhead
Garstin trailhead
Thielemann trailhead
Cathedral Canyon trailhead