Mapping out a route on the Georgia Loop for use as the New Zealand Expeditions long training trip. DRT info from <>
Day 3 (Camp just before Lisa Gap <>)
FS-333 to Water (Not sure where the best camping will be along here. But on one side of this Forest Service road, we will likely find a nice primitive spot. While I haven't been able to find any actual campsites, a couple of resources say that camping on the river banks is very popular and First come First Serve!)
Day 2 (Mulky Gap to Akin Mtn to Clements to Fish Knob High Top Gregory Rhodes (Start BMT) Walhalla Skeenah Creek Tooni Mtn Taccoa River bridge John Dick Mountains Camp at Bryson Gap <> )
Day 1 (Byron Reece to Blood Mtn to Slaughter Gap to Wolfpen Gap to Whiteoak Stomp to Mulky Gap )
Day 4
FS-4 to Camp (This accesses an old forrest service road that leads to some primitive camping and water sources
Blood Mtn
H2O Licklog Mtn
Black Mtn Lookout
Camp 3 alt (Gooch)
H2O Whiteoak Stomp (Stream to replenish water at probably)
H2O Mulky Creek (Second Water stop)
HWY 60
Martin's Dixie Depot
H2O Toccoa (Apparently, these streams on the south-side of the river are better water sources than the River itself)
Camp 3
Mtn Xing
H2O Long Creek Falls (Side trail to see a pretty waterfall!)
H2O Campsite 2
Camp 2
DONT DRINK (Livestock Area Nearby)
H2O Justus Creek (
H2O Walden Creek
H2O Woody Gap
HWY 60
H2O Slaughter Creek
H2O? Sarvis Gap
Camp 2 Alt (Toccoa)
Camp 1