I imported a track from Hike Arizona, but it looks like a very close match with my past experience on this route. Planning a spring 2016 hike here
Palisades to Mid-Beamer
Tanner Trail
Tanner to 75-mile
75-Mile to high camp
New Hance exit
Palisades to Cardenas
Tanner to Palisade
Cardenas to Nevill's
Nevills to Hance Canyon
Cottonwood to Grandview
Hance to Cottonwood
Redwall dry camp 2013
Tanner Trailhead
Hance Rapids beach
Papago Wall
Nevills Rapids beach
Escalante Creek beach
Cardenas Creek site
Grumpy rattlesnake 2013
Redwall descent
Tanner Rapid
New Hance TH at low point in road
Beamer turnaround 2017
Palisades Beach camp
Hance Canyon
Cottonwood Canyon
Grandview Trailhead