Archive of various hike plans throughout the GYE.
Sepulcher and Electric Peak P2P (Start at Mammoth Hot Springs and summit Sepulcher and Electric peaks as part of a loop backpacking trip. Camp at 1G3 or 1G4.)
Sky Rim Trail Loop (Go into the corner of Yellowstone National Park to do the Sky Rim Trail; a short loop with great views of the NW section of the ecosystem.)
Shoal Falls Extended Loop (A modification of the Shoal Falls "weekend" loop to include an extended foray to Brewster Lake and from there along the entire southern flank of Black Peak. Should require two nights; three days, but could be extended if a more relaxed trip is desired by overnighting at Shoal Lake, Brewster Lake and again somewhere along the Gros Ventre River near the point where Black Peak and Antoinette Peak are closest.)
Full Teton Crest Trail (Starting at the true beginning of the trail, rather than merely the Tram shortcut. Can be shortened on the front end if desired by starting at the Tram shortcut. Can also be shortened (somewhat) on the back end by coming out Cascade Canyon instead of Paintbrush Canyon.)
Beartooth Loop - West (Attempt to make a loop out of the "Beaten Path" by turning of at Fossil Lake and going up by Granite Peak to rejoin the Beaten Path heading north at Lake of the Falls. Also includes a side trip to Martin lake and the hanging valley beyond.)
Wind River North spur (There and back again spur hike from Green River Lakes trailhead to Titcomb and Indian Basins over Knapsack Col. Could possibly make this a loop by going up to Gannett Peak across the glaciers and crossing a different pass to get back on trail, but probably won't bother.)
Beartooth East Loop
Republic Peak
Spinx Loop (Summit The Sphinx, take lots of pictures of the Helmet, etc. Day hike.)
Wind Rivers Southern loop (Starts at Big Sandy and takes Fremont Trail up into less busy parts of the range, before coming back around to finish the hike at Cirque of the Towers and a return to Big Sandy.)
North Off-trail extension
Sphinx Loop TH
Avalanche Peak TH (Caltopo does not show the trail, but a short, steep trail does go from the TH all the way to the peak.)
Republic Peak/Pass TH
Sepulchre and Electric Peaks loop start
Sky Rim Trail Loop start
Loop start - Wind Rivers South
Terminus - Teton Crest
Terminus - Teton Crest
Loop start - Gros Ventres
Loop start - Beartooth West
Loop start - Beartooth East
Spur start - Wind Rivers North