Moolack/Baron (standard route requires leaving trail around 6100' and staying west on ridge. find animal track to lead you to around 7K. decide if alternative is good. there is significant up in treed or bouldered areas on this route. once at 8600', the mountain is still far and way! the S ridge connected to Baron looks difficult but interesting. 8 hours round trip in snow, accidently ran to goat creek and back. it took 2.5 hours to get back to the car from the top. 5500' total vert using alternative route up and standard down. avg 26ft/min up 39ft/min down. took about 4 hours to climb. )
alternative (this route was difficult with 8 inches of snow. lots of side hiling. it is not possible to follow the ridge proper. advantage is getting most of elevation done with. not sure if it is better then standard route. veer left around 7k' and follow creek. reach ridge around 9K and traverse 9400 until you can see Moolack. head straight for the top in a traverse up. )