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Giant Rock (This seven story giant boulder is the site of UFO conferences, Hopi spiritualists, a Rejuvenation Machine&; and so much more. The Intrigue of Giant Rock By Barbara LaGrange Photos and captions by Frank Rodrigue When people explore the high desert of California, in particular, the Mojave region near Landers, unusual stories abound. Stop at a coffee shop and ask ?what does Landers offer? and you?re apt to get more information than you wished for. Old timers will tell you that the region was vibrant with colorful characters, nomadic tribes, prospectors, and World War II spies. Others will sit back and allow a dreamy eye to view their time in Landers as a wonderful memory to cherish until their dying day. Others will tell you that the skies are full of UFOs. All of that is nearly true. Giant Rock The fabled Giant Rock had attracted the first native nomads hundreds of years before settlements rose from the dusty ground. The granite stone and surrounding ground had been held as holy ground by the Native Americans. It is reported that the Hopi knew of this rock and joined other tribes across the desert to convene and celebrate the coming seasons. Shaman drew spiritual strength for the tribes through this rock. It is also said that the magic in the rock represents the heart of Mother Earth. It is also thought to be the world's largest freestanding boulder --- at about seven stories high and covers 5,800 square feet of ground.)