The Hayduke route we took
Day 27: to Cottonwood Tank
Day 15: to foot of the Henry Mtns
Day 05: to Needles Outpost
Day 07: to Salt Creek
Day 03: Moab to S of Jackson Hole
Day 02: BLM to Moab
Day 04: to Lockhart Canyon
Day 05: to Indian Creek
Day 08: to Ruin Canyon
Day 09: to Dark Canyon
Day 12: to Poison Spring
Day 11: to Red Benches
Day 10: to top of Sundance Trail
Day 55: to Yellowstone Spring
Day 34: to Highway 89 (Kanab)
Day 18: to Muley Tanks
Day 01: To BLM land
Day 13: to Highway 95 (Hanksville)
Day 32: to Right Fork Swamp Cyn Campsite (Bryce)
Day 24: to Monday Canyon
Day 16: Tarantula Mesa
Day 17: to Swap Canyon
Day 19: Millers Creek
Day 20: Stevens Canyon
Day 21: to Hole-in-the-Rock Road (Escalante)
Day 25: to Upper Navajo Canyon
Day 26: to Mouth of Paradise Canyon
Day 28: to Hackberry Canyon
Day 29: to Paria River
Day 30: to Tropic
Day 33: to Bulrush Gorge
Day 35: to Wire Wash Trailhead
Day 36: to FR 249/257 (AZT)
Day 37: to Highway 89A (Kanab)
Day 39: to Crane Lake
Day 40: to Saddle Mountain Trailhead
Day 41: to mouth of Nankoweap Creek
Day 42: upstream of Little Colorado
Day 43: to Tanner Rapids
Day 44: to Hance Rapids
Day 45: to Tonto rim near Boulder Creek
Day 46: to Grand Canyon Village
Day 47: to Bright Angel Trailhead
Day 49: to North Rim Campground
Day 50: to Swamp Ridge
Day 51: to Timp Creek
Day 54: to Kanab Creek north of Jumpup Creek
Day 53: to mouth of Kanab Creek
Day 52: to Surprise Valley
Day 56: to the mouth of Squirrel Creek
Day 58: to Stave Spring Trailhead
Day 57: to East Fork Virgin River
Day 59: to Weeping Wall!