1 Tent (04-SEP-10 4:41:44PM)
10K Fire (04-SEP-10 2:19:04PM)
10K Fireline
60 Lakes Basin (60 Lakes Basin Tr)
Aspen Meadow
Aug 10 Happy I (Aug. 10 Happy Isles (Start))
Aug 11 Cloud's (Aug 11 Cloud's Rest Trail)
Aug 12 Sunrise (Aug. 12 Sunrise HSC)
Aug 13 Tuolumn (Aug 13 Tuolumne (RESUPPLY))
Aug 14 Lyell F (Aug. 14 Lyell Fork)
Aug 15 Zero Da (Aug. 15 Zero Day #1)
Aug 16 Island (Aug. 16 Island Pass)
Aug 17 Gladys (Aug. 17 Gladys Lake)
Aug 19 Dear Cr (Aug 19 Dear Creek Trail)
Aug 20 Lake Vi (Aug 20 Lake Virginia)
Aug 21 Mott La ("we easily couldve spent anoth)
Aug 22 Vermill (Water taxi arrived 4:30pm, sea)
Aug 23 Bear Cr (Aug 23 Bear Creek JCT)
Aug 24 Marie L (The perfect alpine lake, Marie)
Aug 25 Muir Ra (Aug 25 Muir Ranch (RESUPPLY))
Aug 26 McClure (Aug 26 McClure Meadows)
Aug 27 Saphire (Aug 27 Saphire Lake)
Aug 28 Big Pet (Aug 28 Big Pete Meadow)
Aug 29 Deer Me (Aug 29 Deer Meadow)
Aug 30 Palisad (Aug 30 Palisades Lakes)
Aug 31 Bench Lake (Aug 31 Bench Lake/Taboose)
BackpackrCAMP (10-AUG-10 7:25:00PM)
Bear Ck Tr
Bear Ridge JCT (22-AUG-10 1:05:35PM)
Bear Ridge Tra (Bear Ridge Trail)
Bench Lake Best Camp (04-AUG-07 10:23:56AM)
Bench Lake Big Camp (02-AUG-07 5:40:58PM)
Bench Lake Tr
Big Falls (04-AUG-07 5:11:25PM)
Big Pete Meado (Big Pete Meadow)
Big Pete Meadow Camp (28-AUG-10 3:40:16PM)
Bighorn Platea (Bighorn Plateau)
Bighorn Plateau (06-SEP-10 2:56:03PM)
Bishop Pass Tr (Bishop Pass Trail)
Bridge South F (Bridge South Fk)
Bubbs Ck Tr
Budd Lake
Camp 0 - Backpackpackers Camp
Camp 1 - Sunset Creek (11-AUG-10 4:51:38PM)
Camp 10 - Chief Lake (20-AUG-10 5:50:19PM)
Camp 11 - Vermillion Valley Resort (21-AUG-10 Vermillion Valley Resort)
Camp 12 - Bear Creek at Lake Italy JCT (22-AUG-10 4:38:25PM)
Camp 13 - Marie Lake (23-AUG-10 2:21:39PM)
Camp 14 - McClure Mdws (27-AUG-10 11:47:06AM)
Camp 15 - Saphire Lake (28-AUG-10 9:18:05AM)
Camp 16 - Grouse Meadow (Le Conte Cyn) (29-AUG-10 5:55:53PM)
Camp 18 - Upper Palisade Lake (31-AUG-10 10:23:16AM)
Camp 19 - Pinchot Pass Big Camp (31-AUG-10 5:47:23PM)
Camp 2 - Columbia Finger (12-AUG-10 9:08:03AM)
Camp 2 Firering (12-AUG-10 9:09:42AM)
Camp 20 (01-SEP-10 5:28:00PM)
Camp 21 (02-SEP-10 Meadow Below Forrester Pass)
Camp 22 - Bighorn Plateau (05-SEP-10 4:38:00PM)
Camp 23 - Sandy Meadow (Mt. Young) (06-SEP-10 4:52:58PM)
Camp 24 (07-SEP-10 2:10:03PM)
Camp 3 - Tuolumne Meadows (13-AUG-10 Tuolumne Meadows Campground)
Camp 4 - Lyell Forks Bridge (14-AUG-10 6:25:39PM)
Camp 4.1 (14-AUG-10 6:19:44PM)
Camp 4.2 (14-AUG-10 6:31:37PM)
Camp 5 - Island Pass (15-AUG-10 6:48:09PM)
Camp 6 - Rosalie Lake (16-AUG-10 7:28:32PM)
Camp 7 - Reds Meadow (17-AUG-10 Reds Mead/DPostpile (RESUPPLY))
Camp 8 - Duck Creek (18-AUG-10 7:20:55PM)
Camp 9 - Fish Creek (19-AUG-10 5:28:49PM)
Campground nea (Campground near minaret falls)
Cascade Valley (Cascade Valley Tr)
Cathedral Lake (Cathedral Lakes)
Cathedral Lk T (Cathedral Lk Tr)
Cathedral Pass
Center Basin T (Center Basin TR)
Charlotte Lake (Charlotte Lake Trail JCT)
Chief Lake
Chilnualna F 1 (Chilnualna Fall Trail)
Chilnualna F 2 (Chilnualna Falls Trl (Pack Tra)
Chilnualna Fal (Chilnualna Fall)
ChlmnyRockView (12-AUG-10 10:14:43AM)
Clouds Trail
Colby Meadow
Crabtree Range (Crabtree Ranger Station)
Crane Flat Ran (Ca, USA)
Crater Mdw
Curry Village
Dear CkTrail
Deer Creek Camp (30-AUG-10 9:46:02AM)
Deer Creek Camp 2 (30-AUG-10 10:42:56AM)
Deer Creek Camp 3 (30-AUG-10 10:47:45AM)
Deer Meadow
Devils Postpil (Devils Postpile Natl Monument)
Dimond O campground (Evergreen Rd)
Dog Lake (Trail)
Dollar Lake
Donohue Pass
Dragon Lk Tr
Duck Lk TR
Eagle Tower
East Fk Lk Tr
Echo Creek tr
Ediza Lk Tr
Evolution Cree (Evolution Creek)
Evolution Lake
Evolution Mead (Evolution Meadow)
exit - Bishop (Thirteen-mile hike east, by Du)
exit - Bubbs C (Leave on the west side, or go)
exit - Crab Tr (Nineteen miles past Crabtree M)
exit - Duck La (Seven-mile hike east on Duck L)
exit - Goodale (Ten miles on Goodale Pass Trai)
exit - Kearsar (Nine-mile hike east over Kears)
exit - Shadow (Four-mile hike around the nort)
exit - Taboose (ten-mile hike east over Taboos)
exit - Tully H (Thirteen-mile hike east on McG)
exit- Rush Cre (Agnew Pass - 8mi to Silver Lak)
Falls (04-AUG-07 1:36:56PM)
FallsPOOL (04-AUG-07 4:51:17PM)
Forester Pass
Forsyth Tr
Garnet Lk
Glacier Creek Camp (30-AUG-10 11:24:38AM)
Gladys Lk
Glen Aulin Tr
Glen Pass
Goddard Cyn Br (Goddard Cyn Bridge)
Goodale Pass T (Goodale Pass Trail)
Grouse Meadow Crowded Camps
Grouse Meadows
H20 at Vidette Meadow (04-SEP-10 12:08:05PM)
H20 before climb to Deer Creek (22-AUG-10 10:39:11AM)
H20 Cathedral Lakes (13-AUG-10 11:17:17AM)
H20 Cathedral Lakes2 (13-AUG-10 12:31:04PM)
H20 Cathedral Lakes3 (13-AUG-10 12:53:53PM)
H20 descending Glen Pass (02-SEP-10 2:05:36PM)
H20 descending Pinchot Pass (01-SEP-10 1:56:59PM)
H20 Devil's Postpile (18-AUG-10 10:40:32AM)
H20 Donahue Pass (15-AUG-10 10:59:19AM)
H20 Duck Lake
H20 near Bear Ridge JCT (22-AUG-10 1:13:31PM)
H20 near camp descending Pinchot Pass (01-SEP-10 2:17:23PM)
H20 near Woods Creek (01-SEP-10 3:00:59PM)
H20 on Deer Creek climb (22-AUG-10 11:33:58AM)
H20 on Deer Creek climb2 (22-AUG-10 12:00:24PM)
H20 on descent to Bear Creek (22-AUG-10 1:24:07PM)
H20 on descent to Bear Creek2 (22-AUG-10 1:27:18PM)
H20 on descent to Bear Creek3 (22-AUG-10 3:09:51PM)
H20 on descent to Bear Creek4 (22-AUG-10 3:13:33PM)
H20 on descent to Bear Creek5 (22-AUG-10 3:31:44PM)
H20 Sunset Creek (12-AUG-10 10:55:41AM)
H20 Sunset Creek2 (12-AUG-10 11:07:58AM)
H2O 1 (12-AUG-10 9:16:01AM)
Half Dome Trai (Half Dome Trail)
Half Dome View (10-AUG-10 4:53:40PM)
Happy Isles (Ca, USA)
Happy Isles Tr (Happy Isles Trail Head)
Heart Lk
Helen Lake
Ireland Lake camp (22-JUL-09 6:41:31PM)
Island Pass
Italy Pass Tr
Johnston Meado (Johnston Meadow)
Kearsarge Pass (Kearsarge Pass Tr)
Lake South
Lake Virginia
last water til (last water til Duck Lake)
Le Conte Canyon Trailside Camp (Campsite)
Le Conte Cyn Big Hidden Camp (28-AUG-10 4:17:26PM)
Le Conte Range (Le Conte Ranger Station)
Legal Camp (11-AUG-10 12:21:31PM)
Lembert Dome94 (Ca, USA)
Little Pete Md (Little Pete Mdw)
Little Pete Meadow Campsite (Campsite)
Little Yosemit (bathroom building)
Lk S Ameri Jct (05-SEP-10 2:40:23PM)
Lone Pine Lake
Lunch (12-AUG-10 12:52:26PM)
Lwr Trinity Lk
Lyell Fk Bridg (Lyell Fk Bridge)
Lyell Fork Bas (Lyell Fork Base)
Lyell Headwate (Lyell Headwaters)
Marie Lake
Marie Lk Tr
Marjorie Lk
Marsh No h2O (13-AUG-10 10:55:40AM)
Marten sighting (Pacific Crest National Scenic Trl (John Muir Trl))
Mather Pass
McClure Meadow
Meet Joe (Kearsarge Resupply) (02-SEP-10 3:11:59PM)
Merced Lake Tr (Merced Lake Trail)
Minaret Falls
Minaret Falls. (Minaret Falls)
Mist Falls (05-AUG-07 3:55:59PM)
Mist Trail (Ca, USA)
Mono Creek
Mono Pass TR
Muir Pass
Muir Pass Camp (28-AUG-10 1:11:35PM)
Muir Pass Camp2 (28-AUG-10 1:52:34PM)
Muir Pass Trailside Camp 3 (28-AUG-10 2:44:16PM)
Muir Ranch Tur (Muir Ranch Turnoff)
Muir Trail Ran (Muir Trail Ranch)
Murro Blancamp (05-AUG-07 10:22:28AM)
Murro Blanco Alternate Camp (S.Fork King's River)
Nevada Fall (Ca, USA)
Outpost Camp
PalisadCr H2O
Palisade Creek
Palisade Creek JCT Campsite (Campsite)
Palisade Creek Stock Camp (30-AUG-10 11:29:00AM)
Palisades Lake (Palisades Lakes)
Palisde Creek JCT Camp 2 (Campsite)
Panorama Trail
Pass (02-AUG-07 3:09:24PM)
Pinchot Pass
Pinchot Pass Camp (Kings Canyon National Park)
Pinchot Pass Stock Camp (Kings Canyon National Park)
Piute Pass tr
Possibl Camp?l
Possible 1 tent camp (07-SEP-10 1:45:36PM)
Possible Camp (22-AUG-10 2:39:18PM)
possible camp - Deer Creek (Sierra National Forest)
Possible Camp at Vidette Mdw (04-SEP-10 11:55:29AM)
Possible Camp2 (22-AUG-10 3:07:50PM)
Possible Camp3 (22-AUG-10 3:55:20PM)
Possible Crabtree Camp (06-SEP-10 3:28:32PM)
Possible Dry Camp - Selden Pass (25-AUG-10 8:01:15AM)
Possible DryCamp2 (12-AUG-10 12:22:30PM)
Possible small camp (07-SEP-10 1:37:33PM)
PossPinchot (01-SEP-10 2:18:42PM)
Purple Lk
Rae Lake
Rafferty Ck TR
Rafferty Creek Camp (22-JUL-09 1:16:20PM)
Rafferty Falls Swim (24-JUL-09 2:05:35PM)
Reds Meadow
Rosalie Lk
Rose Lk Jct (23-AUG-10 12:42:09PM)
Rosemarie Meadow Camp (23-AUG-10 12:33:32PM)
Rush Ck Tr
Sally Keyes Lk
Sandy Meadow view of Kaweah Mtns (07-SEP-10 10:56:27AM)
Selden Pass
Senger Ck
Sep 1 Dollar L (Sept 1 Dollar Lake)
Sep 2 Rae Lake (Sep 2 Rae Lakes or 60 Lakes JC)
Sep 3 Bubbs Cr (Sep 3 Bubbs Creek JCT (RESUPPL)
Sep 4 Center B (Sep 4 Center Basin Creek)
Sep 5 Tyndall (Sep 5 Tyndall Cr/Shepherd Pass)
Sep 6 Bighorn (Sept 6 Bighorn Plateau)
Sep 7 Guitar L (Sept 7 Guitar Lake)
Sep 8 Outpost (Sep 8 Outpost Camp)
Sep 9 Whitney (Sep 9 Whitney Portal EXIT)
Shadow LakeTra (Shadow LakeTrail)
Shepherd P jct (05-SEP-10 2:49:18PM)
Shepherd Pass (Shepherd Pass Tr)
Silver Lake
Silver Lake Campground
Silver Pass
Small Lake
South Fk Tr
Sunrise Camp
Swampcamp (01-SEP-10 4:55:01PM)
SwimHole (21-AUG-10 1:17:55PM)
Taboose Pass T (Taboose Pass Tr)
Thomas Edison
Thousand Islan (Thousand Island Lk)
Top Whitney
Trail Crest
Treeline (05-SEP-10 2:23:01PM)
Tully Hole
Tuolumne Fal 1 (Tuolumne Falls)
Tuolumne Falls
Tuolumne Grove
Tuolumne Mea 1 (Ca, USA)
Tuolumne Range (Tuolumne Ranger St)
Tuolumne Tr
turn-off Yosem (Hwy 120 and Road)
Twin Lakes
TyndRanger jct (05-SEP-10 2:55:16PM)
Unmapd Lake
Upper Palisades Wind and Waterfall Camp
UseTrail camp! (11-AUG-10 2:37:00PM)
Vernal Fall (Ca, USA)
Virginia Side
Vogelsang Camp (23-JUL-09 4:36:15PM)
Vogelsang Lake
Vogelsang Pass
Wagbags (07-SEP-10 11:42:33AM)
Wallace Creek
Water -S.Fork (05-AUG-07 6:34:37PM)
WaterfalBreak (21-AUG-10 12:18:17PM)
Waterwheel Fal (Ca, USA)
Wawona (South) (South Wawona)
Wawona Campground
White Cascade
Whitney Creek (Whitney Creek Guitar Lk)
Whitney Portal (END)
Whitney Trai 1 (Whitney Trail Camp)
Whitney Trail
Wolverine! (18-AUG-10 12:09:12PM)
Wright Creek
Yosemite Creek (Yosemite Creek Campground)
Yosemite Village (Ca, USA)