Lincoln Island Cabin route
Heavy boat Traffic Area
Tidal Flats
Mendenhall Peninsula Route
Suedia Route
Suedia Route
Battleship island route
Auke Route
Indian Island Route
Coglan Island Route
Eagle Beach Route
Amalga Addition
St. Terese Route
Out the road Addition
Louisa Route
Bird Island Addition
Humpback Feeding Grounds
Gull Island route
Shelter Gull Island route
ABAK Camp to Cabin
ABAK Camp to Sealion Haulout
South Beach Fork
Benjamin Island Addition
Sunshine Cove To Benjamin Island
Bridget Cove Route
North Douglas Launch Site
Inner Point
Middle Pt

Point Hilda
Bridget Cove
Light House Reserve/ Sentinel Island
Sea Lion Haulout

Sunshine Cove
Sea Lion Haulout
Ralston Island
South Beach
Whale Feeding Area
Benjamin Island
ABAK Kayak Camp
Lincoln Island Cabin
Shelter Island
Lincoln Island
Eagle Beach
Amalga Harbor
EVC Kayaks
Coghlan Island
Battleship Island
Suedia Island
Smugglers Cove
Auke Cape
Indian Island
Gull Island
Bird Island
Shrine of St. Terese
Boy Scout Beach
ABAK Kayak Shop
Point Louisa