Old Mountain View (New building, concrete, loading platform, porta potties, and picnic tables.)
Barr Trl
Butterworth Flat
Hydro (Penstock burried in stone and concrete, several valves, a reduction piple and a concrete pad with 1.5 in. threaded iron bars sticking up. This is what is left of the Minnehaha hydro electric plant.)
Artists Glen
Halfway House
Mine17 (Phoenix lode MS11498 located June 9, 1896 of James Russ and Harry C. Sutherland. The opening of this mine is partially collapsed. However, there is more than meets the eye. We crawled in and followed a tunnel about 150 feet back. There is track still inside and some timber supports. Very wet. Photos: 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 008.jpg 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 012.jpg 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 013.jpg 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 014.jpg 2011Oct11 MineEnd BobMcGee.JPG 2011Oct11 MineShoring Bob McGee1.JPG 2011Oct11 MineShoring Bob McGee2.JPG 2011Oct11 MineShoring Bob McGee3.JPG 2011Oct11 MineShoring Bob McGee4.JPG 2011Oct11 MineTrack Bob McGee1.JPG 2011Oct11 MineTrack Bob McGee2.JPG Outside the mine was a log retaining wall for the tailings Photos: 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 006.jpg 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 015.jpg)
CABIN25 (Log cabin ruin, uphill end dug into hillside the downhill end is on stilts. Photos: 2011Oct11 Caben Sheep Creeks 004.jpg 2011Oct11 Caben Sheep Creeks 005.jpg)
Cabin28 (Large log cabin ruin at Ruxton Park. Case of wine empty in living room. Photo: 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 023.jpg 2011Oct11 RuxtonCabin BobMcGee.JPG)
UtilPol (Old utility poles along cog right of way. 2016Dec30 Old Power Pole (1).jpg 2016Dec30 Old Power Pole (2).jpg 2016Dec30 Old Power Poles (3).jpg)
PP TRL (Section of the Pikes Peak trail)
Equip (Equipment possibly used for constructing the pipeline tunnel. Appears to be custom made for loading dirt. Photo: 2016Dec30 Honnen Tunnel Equipment (4).jpg 2016Dec30 Honnen Tunnel Equipment (5).jpg 2016Dec30 Honnen Tunnel Equipment (6).jpg)
Cabin26 (Log cabin ruin possibly associated with the Phoenix lode, with iron frame out front. Building is approximately 12' X 27', build in 2 stages. Long wall oriented to N2W. The south half was dug into the hillside and had open corner joints i.e. horizontal logs stop short of corner and are nailed to vertical timber. The north half was added to it and had simple lap corner joints which were nailed. Carved into the casing outsid the north door is "TLK, FER, JUNE, 10,1915". Carved into the jamb on same door is "FW, J.B., 1912, PN". Door now missing had 2 hinges. North portion of building had a stone foundation. Photos: 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 016.jpg 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 017.jpg 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 018.jpg 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 019.jpg 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 020.jpg 2012Sept14 Cabin26 Corner Detail 057.JPG 2012Sept14 Cabin26 Corner Detail 058.JPG)
Cabin27 (Log spring house ruin, very close to the creek. Photos: 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 021.jpg 2011Oct11 Cabin Sheep Creeks 022.jpg)
New Connector (New trail connecting the top of the Incline with Barr Trail)