Vallecito Trail #529
Needle Creek Trail #504 to Chicago Basin
Mount Eolus
Stoney Pass to Creed 3 (Length: 1.391 km (0.865 mi))
Stoney Pass to Creede 4 (Length: 1.779 km (1.106 mi))
Stoney Pass to Creed 5 (Length: 2.028 km (1.26 mi))
Stoney Pass to Creede 2 (Length: 32.97 km (20.48 mi))
Stoney Pass to Creede 1 (Length: 28.49 km (17.7 mi))
Trail junction (Columbine Pass or Twin Lakes)
Needleton Train Stop (Needleton Train Stop)
Needle Creek (Needle Creek)
New York Creek (New York Creek)
Trailhead (Trailhead)
Pigeon Creek (Pigeon Creek)
Tie Creek (Tie Creek)
Trinity Creek (Trinity Creek)
Nebo Creek (Nebo Creek)
Leviathan Creek (Leviathan Creek)
Rock Creek (Rock Creek)
Sunlight Creek (Sunlight Creek)
Roell Creek (Roell Creek)
Johnson Creek (Johnson Creek)
Irving Creek (Irving Creek)
Dead Horse Creek (Dead Horse Creek)
Soda Spring (Soda Spring)
Second Creek (Second Creek)
First Creek (First Creek)
Taylor Creek (Taylor Creek)
Weasel Skin Creek (Weasel Skin Creek)
Bear Creek (Bear Creek)
Fall Creek (Fall Creek)
Trailhead (Trailhead)
CREEKCROSS (30-AUG-08 6:24:45PM)
KITE LAKE (30-AUG-08 5:53:08PM)
01 Trailhead
39 End/Start
03 Optional Mines
02 Ore Bucket Cables
05 Gary Owen Mine
04 Straight or Right Uphill
06 Buffalo Boy Mine
07 Scenic
08 Go Uphill and Unknown Road
10 Spur Road
09 Gulch
11 Scenic
13 Creek Crossing
12 Stony Pass
14 Straight To Creede 520.4 and 506.1 to Kite Lake
25 Straight
24 Straight
23 Straight Right
22 Camping
21 Scenic Rio Grande
20 Straight
19 Brewster Park
18 Scenic
17 Scenic
16 Camping
14 Shelf and Rocky
26 Lost Creek Hiking Trail
27 Lost Trail Campground
28 1805
30 Rio Grande Resevoir
29 Ute Creek Trail
31 Access
33 Picnic Area
32 Scenic
34 Thirty Mile Campground
36 Intersection
35 River Hill Campground
37 Road Canyon Campground
38 Intersection
Forest Road 2274 or 724 up mtn
Train stop for Chicago Basin?
Back way to Los Pinos
Kite Lake Turnoff
Windom Peak
Sunlight Peak
Kite Lake Trail end
Mt. Bolus
Trailhead (Trailhead)