Boltergeist 2 - Approach and The Canyon ( (Data by
Boltergeist 3 - Exit ( (Data by
Yankee Doodle Approach ( (Data by
Yankee Doodle ( (Data by
Untitled Path ( (Data by
pkBoltergeist (Park here for the start of the Boltergeist route. There is an unsigned road leaving to the southeast or left side of the road on the drive in. (Data by
wBoltergst-RP1 (Road crosses a small patchof slick rock and the dirt goes from white to reddish. (Data by
BoltergeistTp (Top entry of Boltergeist. (Data by
wBoltergst-RP2 (This is where the canyon starts to have a more slick rock type floor with pot holes around. (Data by
dBoltergeistR1 (Rap 1 - Boltergeist. Anchored from a tree RDC and drops about 50 feet. The first 35 feet is down a sloped fluted channel and easily down climbed but the last 10 or 25 feet is a drop that can be jumped but not recommended. (Data by
dBoltergeistR2 (Rap 2 - Boltergeist. Anchored from a large rock and drops about 50 feet. Rap 2 can be down climbed by most people if you are ok with the exposure and an awkward strat over a boulder. (Data by
dBoltergeistR3 (Rap 3 - Boltergeist. Anchored from a tree and drops about 100 feet to a ledge with some free hang on the way down. Or you can continue down over the ledge for a total drop of 150 feet. (Data by
BoltergeistBt (Exit of Boltergeist Canyon where it meets Water Canyon. (Data by
Yankee Doodle Parking ( (Data by
Yankee Doodle Exit ( (Data by