40-mile, class 1-3 circumnavigation of Mono Divide entering from Pine Creek. 35-mile spur from Little Lakes Valley to Mammoth Village, east of the crest, with an alternate crossing the crest.
crest alternate
Horton Lakes alternate
Mist Lake alternate?
Hilgard Pass alternate
Lake Italy alternate
Mammoth route
Bard Pass
steep talus
La Salle Col
Stough Pass
Seven Gables Pass
Recess Pass
Hilgard Pass
Merriam Pass
Ruskie Pass
Peppermint Pass
Royce-Merriam Saddle
steep snow
class 3
Royce-Feather Col
Feather Pass
steep talus
Granite Bear Pass
Croft Col
Ursula Pass
White Bear Pass
Steelhead Pass
Dancing Bear Pass
Puppet Pass
easy class 3
North Col
Pika Pass
Pretty Pass
Bloody Pass
steep loose rock
Carter Col
Corridor Pass
Franklin Col
Gemini Pass