Diving Board May 13, 2015 (Hiked out to Diving Board in Yosemite National Park. Diving Board is located on the west side of Half Dome if you're facing North. My friend Steve and I hiked up via the JMT route out of the valley towards half dome. The trail for Diving Board breaks off to the left towards lost lake as you reach Little Yosemite turn off. The route this time out was pretty well marked and we could tell it's be used a lot more since our last time out here a month or so ago. This time out we decided to go up the climbers route at the back side of Half Dome and traverse over to the ledge were Diving Board is. This route required some class 3 scrambling and ledges, which I loved! Definitely the way to go up, but we chose to take the cross country route going down. This actually made it a very pleasant hike. Both trails were well marked with Cairns, well at least more than last time, which made the travel easier to navigate.)