Custom West Slopes Antero
Antero 4wd Road Access
Alternate 4WD Path
Spooky Spooky Danger zone (This was the slope that you were almost forced to walk on in areas due to the ridge being wonky.)
FIRST YEAR ATTEMPT (The first yeah we followed the road until we saw tracks go up a gully. There wasn't a ton of snow on the slopes above the gully so we decided what the heck.)
Victim path (The person whose tracks we followed made a really stupid decision (even we knew that at the time) and decided that instead of going up the gully she would cut up the slopes. This brought her across a small patch of wind loaded slabs. )
Avalanche release (It was just a tiny wind loaded slab. But it gave way and carried the girl all the way back down the gully. It was small but would have been fatal if we had not found her.)
SECOND Year path (The second year there was basically no snow coverage. So we felt comfortable going up the same gully. The last ridge to the peak was still super spooky as the ridge has spires and stuff on it that prevents you from walking on the ridge proper. Who knows what it is like later in the year.)