Backpacking Trip Itinerary
Drive to Trailhead (From campground to Summit Peak parking lot.)
Day 1, Leg A (Summit Peak parking lot, to Mirror Lake)
Day 1, Leg C (Landlookers Creek to Camp via Carp River trail.)

Day 1, Leg B (Mirror Lake to Landlookers Creek via Correction Line-to-Carp River trail.)
Possible Alt route
Day 1, Side Trip Old Mine
Day 2, Leg A
Day 2, Leg B
Day 3, Exit to Car (Boggy, Plank pathways)
Car (Summit Peak Parking Lot)
Presque Isle Campground (1st Night)
Camp(Approx), Day 1
Mirror Lake Cabin 8 bunk
Possible Senic View (Found on US Forest Service visitor map)
Alt Route?
Old LaFayette Mine