Up River
Down River
Last Chance, Jeff, Mutt Falls & Santa Lucia Gorge
Exit Beach
Exit Rock after Caves
Indian to Escondido
Rocky Creek Falls
BluffUsecmp (Seasonal stream {GE=p.danielson})
AntUsecmp (Perennial stream moves underground in summer - look upstream for water {GPS=j.glendening})
Mutt and Jeff Falls Viewpoint (Mutt and Jeff Falls Viewpoint Two falls on different streams just above their confluence - Mutt is tall and thin, Jeff is short and fat Both photos taken from viewpoint at (N36 13.126, W121 29.015) Top to visible bottom: Mutt= 110 ft Jeff= 35 ft (rangefinder-based) Where did did these names come from? Memories of the newspaper comic strip, created in 1907 but lasting thru 1983, Mutt and Jeff, with its tall and thin Mutt and his short friend Jeff. )
CulvertUsecmp (Perennial stream. Named for grill made from culvert. {GPS=p.danielson})
Las Chance Falls, Pool & Cave
JerkyCmp (Piney Creek Road, which leaves Carmel Valley Road 4.3 miles NW of its junction with Arroyo Seco Road. A conventional passenger car is OK during the dry season, although the road is rough in a couple of spots. {est=p.danielson})
UpperPineyCmpgrnd (Seasonal water {GE=p.danielson})
LowerPineyCmpgrnd ( {GE=p.danielson})
RockyCrkCmp (Perennial stream {GPS=j.glendening})
HorseCynCmp (You need to make arrangements with the Big Sur Land Trust in Carmel. Call 831-625-5523, press 2, then press 100, for the office receptionist. State your request to visit the camp site, and ask what you need to do by way of permissions, liability waivers, and gate access. (Note: The camp is on LPNF public land, but the road that gets you closest to it goes through private ranch land purchased by the BSLT. Also Note: If the land has been transferred to another owner or agency, BSLT can direct you.) {est=p.danielson})
GovernmentUsecmp (Two-tent site. Perennial stream 400 ft NE. {est=p.danielson})
ArroyoSecoCmpgrnd ( {est=p.danielson})
LastChanceCmp (Perennial stream {GPS=j.glendening})
HorseBridgeUsecmp (Multiple sites in area, on both sides of Arroyo Seco {GPS=j.glendening})
AdobeUsecmp (aka Horse Pasture Camp Perennial stream. Named for former "Leigh's Adobe" {GPS=j.glendening})
FalseAdobeUsecmp (Perennial stream. {GPS=j.glendening})
ConfluenceUsecmp (Perennial stream {GE=p.danielson})
Eagle Creek Falls
FishCmp (Perennial stream {GPS=j.glendening})
Pothole Slide Falls
Escondido Campground