Black Steer Approach
Full run
10' drop no portage (pool jump route right)
2 stage: 5' bumpy slide into 2' pourover+slide: check landing
5' slide entrance to flume
approx. end ls gorge
boulder constriction/pourover : weird?
clean 5' drop into pool
clean entrance, check landing
Constriction: too narrow?
cw camp
cw camp. open section
cw camp @ lost
cw on banks, break in gorge (ends after 200m). it goes!
double slide ss
end of super rad gorge (it goes after 2 chock drops at entrance)
great camp
Large Boulder Garden
nasty brush
nasty start to ls gorge: big chocks
nice camp
Pancake Landing: 8' drop
portage 4' pancake drop. check next boulder
scout chocks in flume (Scout flumed end of long ss bg: chocks)
scout weird ss bg
Shallow gorge after open pool drop. Sick!
Short pour over R of boulder
sick drop in ls gorge
start ls gorge
start of ss gorge. portage twin chock 100m in, scout boulder after that (it goes after 2nd feature. start with ss slide)
Steep garden w/ ledge drop entrance
tough start to short gorge. maybe goes
Wide pourover into boulder garden