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5a. Farm track might be viable alternate
path to perennial pool and small waterfall
path to old cabin and good camping
1. Paso Robles to Carrizo Loop junction 59m
3. Carrizo Jct to Parkfield, 50m
5. Pinnacles to Los Padres Jct 36m
4. Parkfield to Pinnacles 95m
2. Carrizo Loop 105m
6a. alternate around Los Padres NF
1a. side trip to Pozo Saloon
4a. side trip to Pinnacles NM and Campground
7. Jolon to Paso Robles 46m
6. Los Padres Jct to Jolon 50m
Fire Station
Campground BLM Clear Creek Mgmt Area Oak Flat
Paso Robles (All services including Amtrak, Greyhound, Restaurants, Groceries, Bike shops, motels, Library, Walmart (for long term parking).)
Jct to Cafe (Side trip to Pozo Saloon)
Cafe (Pozo Saloon. Good food, live music. Limited hours (Fri, Sat, Sun lunch and dinner) (805) 438-4225)
Campground USFS La Panza
Jct QueenBeeRd
Abandoned USFS Queen Bee Campground
Water (Community Center Building. Water Spigot. Shade. Picnic Table and lawn.)
Jct (Start Carrizo Loop. Visitor Ctr (no water) is about 2 km (south and then west))
Visitor Ctr - no H20 (Carrizon National Monument Visitor Center Open Thurs-Sun 9-4, Dec through May.)
KCL Campground. (Clear but non-potable water. Confirm that it is running prior to trip.)
Cafe (Jack Ranch Cafe (and James Dean Crash Site and Memorial.) (805) 238-5652)
Parkfield Cafe and Lodge ( 805-463-2421 V6 ranch has a cafe (Thu-Sun 11:30-8:00) and lodge. They may permit tents on the lawn next to the lodge, call and ask first. Friendly, remote, beautiful. Parkfield is not a "town" and has no other services.)
Coalinga (Town with Library, Groceries, Restaurants, Motels. No bike shop.)
Campground Los Gatos Creek County Park
Campground BLM Condon Peak
Campground BLM Laguna Mountain BLM
Campground BLM Sweetwater
Jct to Pinnacles (Junction with side road to Pinnacles National Monument, Campground, and small store)
Campground and Store (Water. Campground. Small shop with limited groceries and limited hours. Access to Pinnacles National Monument. Store phone (831) 389-4538.
Pinnacles NP Visitor Center and trailhead (Pinnacles National Monument access to trails. CA Condors!)
Jct to water (Route goes west down hill. 400 m north is a Cal Fire Station, which may be seasonally closed (?) but may have a water spigot available.)
Cal Fire Station (Water. Cal Fire Station. May be seasonally closed (?) but may have water spigot even when closed. 831-389-4591)
Soledad (Town with Grocery stores, Restaurants, Motels, Library.)
Water (USFS picnica area and parking.)
USFS Campground - Arroyo Seco
Gate (Gate that blocks vehicles. Road south from here is not maintained and includes some hike-a-bike sections over landslides.)
Jct to old scout camp (Junction with short road that leads to nice rough camping area)
Rough Camp (Nice area for rough camping along this seasonal stream.)
Jct (Rough side trail 0.3 miles to Horse Bridge over river.)
Bridge (Horse Bridge over River Gorge.)
Rough Camping (Good area for rough camping in this large hanging valley. Most of the Arroyo Seco Indians Road is too rugged for camping. A seasonal stream flows through a culvert under the road at this location)
Gate (Road north of here is closed to vehicles. (seasonally it may be open to vehicles for two more miles).)
USFS Campground - Escondido (Escondido USFS Camp. Possibly has water "stone horse trough under the trees next to a spring".)
River (For approximate one mile south from here the road is near the river. There are no spigots on route for roughly 15 miles in either direction. Springs and seasonal creeks may not be reliable. So consider getting water along this 1 mile stretch.)
USFS Campground (Memorial Park USFS Campground. No water at campground, but available from nearby Arroyo Seco river 1 mile north near road.)
Historic Mission (Open daily 10-4.
Milpitas Hacienda (Water spigot -
Store (Lockwood Convenience Store. (831) 385-5750)
Store/Pizzaria (2016 CLOSED) (Bee Rock Country Store 805/472-9677. As of 2016 it is CLOSED, but maybe just for remodeling.)
Store (Oak Hill Market. Full service grocery store. Every day 7AM-9PM.
Arroyo-Seco Indians Rd. (North end of a 1.5 mile stretch that has not been graded or cleared in many years. In addition to occasional hike-a-bike obstacles there is some encroaching vegetation. As of March 2017 it is not problematic by bicycle.)
Arroy-Seco Indians Rd. Southernmost obstacle. (The road south from here has no vegetation and no slides.)
Cholame Valley tiny wetlands (
Wallace Creek Geology stop
King City
USFS Boundary
Fort Hunter Ligget Entrance Gate
Hanging Valley Perennial Spring (info from
Arroyo-Seco Indians Rd, 2 new slides (Fresh slide in Feb 2017. hike-a-bike.)