RSY01 (Resuply)

SHR01 (Onion Valley Trailhead to Kings Canyon)
SHR108 (Wilderness Boundary Sign - Mile 217.93)
SHR107 (Horse Canyon Pass. Begin steep descent down Horse Canyon. Look closely for user trails, and possible steep snowfields in early to mid summer. - Mile 214.57)
SHR106 (Stanton Pass. northwest side is steep, exposed Class III-IV descent. Consider using rope for safety. - Mile 212.48)
SHR105 (Soldier Lake. Limited camping available. Better sites exist on north side of saddle enroute to Stanton Pass. - Mile 211.11)
SHR104 (Virginia Creek Trail. Step across and continue northwest toward Soldier Lake. Stay on left side of old avalanche path for easiest route to granite slabs above. - Mile 209.86)
SHR103 (Sky Pilot Col. Beware of steep, skittery descent on north. side. Proceed cautiously. - Mile 206.59)
SHR102 (Secret Lake. Limited campsites available. Better camping below at Cascade Lake. - Mile 205.92)
SHR101 (Mine Shaft Pass. Note contact zone between granite and gneiss/schist metamorphic rocks. - Mile 198.91)
SHR100 (Great Sierra Mine. This is only legal campsite in area. Most surrounding terrain is off-limits. - Mile 198.42)
SHR099 (Tioga Pass Highway crossing. - Mile 193.68)
SHR098 (Junction with Dana Fork Trail. Turn right heading east and follow to crossing of Tioga Pass Highway, or left heading west and cross bridge to parking lot and dumpster. - Mile 191.49)
SHR097 (Trail junction. Leave PCT/JMT and turn right heading north. - Mile 190.94)
SHR096 (Junction with PCT/JMT. Turn left heading west. -Mile 190.26)
SHR095 (Last legal campsites before perimeter no-camping limit above Tioga Pass Road. - Mile 186.88)
SHR094 (Tuolomne Pass - Mile 185.25)
SHR093 (Major trail junction at large cairn. Continue straight heading north. - Mile 184.47)
SHR092 (Vogelsang Pass- Mile 183.05)
SHR091 (Junction with Bernice Lake Trail. Stay left, continue northeast. - Mile 181.59)
SHR090 (Junction with Lewis Creek Trail. Turn right heading northeast and climb valley. Mile 179.01)
SHR089 (River crossing on logs. Possibly tough in early summer. )
SHR088 (Cartridge Pass Trail. Turn right/north and follow toward Lyell Fork of the Merced. - Mile 171.87)
SHR087 (Find top of gully. Follow it down until definite user trail appears. Descend to valley floor and turn West. - Mile 170.29)
SHR086 (Obvious white quartz mound. Traverse northwest until you can touch it, then descend broad ridge west. - Mile 169.33)
SHR085 (Blue Lake Pass. Descend 50 feet, then contour right heading northwest above rollover cliff bands below. Make straight for obvious snow-white rock mound - next waypoint. Do not descend into gullies below. - Mile 168.95)
SHR084 (Small notch in ridge allows easy gully descent. - Mile 165.58)
SHR083 (Possible rib-deep stream crossing between lake and waterfall just downstream. Ford is floored by smooth slab. Can be done barefoot. - Mile 163.02)
SHR082 (Steep intimidating gully turns out to have old mule trail switchbacking down it. Much easier than it looks from top. - Mile 162.18)
SHR081 (Class II-III downclimb. Look close to find esay route. Not scary at all if you find the right line. - Mile 160.97)
SHR080 (Glacier Lake Pass. - Mile 160.03)
SHR079 (Thousand Island Lake - Mile 157.79)
SHR078 (Easy saddle to Thousand Island Lake. - Mile 157.21)
SHR077 (Whitebark Pass. To descend north, climb ridge to the east 200 feet and find ramp down crack in cliff. Possible steep snowfields in early- mid-summer. - Mile 156.23)
SHR076 (Scramble short, Class III slot up lava dam to hidden Cecile Lake. Climb is easier than it looks from a distance. - Mile 152.33)
SHR075 (Intersect Minaret Lake Trail. Turn left heading northwest - Mile 150.87)
SHR074 (Nancy Pass. Note memorial plaque and tin can register. - Mile 149.30)
SHR073 (Leave trail and strike north northwest toward Nancy Pass. - Mile 148.68)
SHR072 (Third trail junction. Turn right toward Superior and Beck Lakes. Mile 148.53)
SHR071 (Second Junction. Leave JMT and turn left onto Beck Lakes Trail. - Mile 144.48)
SHR070 (Trail Junction with JMT. Turn right toward Minaret Falls and Shadow Lake. - Mile 142.75)
SHR069 (Devils Postpile Visitor Center and Trailhead. Reached via mandatory $7 shuttle bush from Mammoth Ski Resort parking lot. - Mile 141.98)
SHR068 (Red's Meadow bus stop to Mammoth Ski Resort. Also available: Restaurant, small general store, lodging, BEER. Shuttle bus $7. Then hitch or take free shuttle from ski resort to Mammoth Lakes town. - Mile 141.97)
SHR067 (Trail Junction. Turn right heading northwest - Mile 140.27)
SHR066 (Correct trail to Red's Meadow and Devils Postpile. Turn left/west and follow down through wildfire burn.- Mile 139.07)
SHR065 (Intersect heavily used trail across Mammoth Pass. Cross and continue North. - Mile 138.51)
SHR064 (Top of critical sandy gully. Descend, then traverse north toward Mammoth Pass. - Mile 138.02)
SHR063 (Junction with trails descending east to Lake George trailheads & campgrounds. Alternate route into Mammoth. - Mile 137.00)
SHR062 (Unmapped but easily visible switchbacks descend south southwest toward PCT)
SHR061 (Good trail climbs from Deer Lakes, stays along west flank of Mammoth Crest.)
SHR060 (Pass at west end of Sandy Flats. Follow user trail. - Mile 132.45)
SHR059 (Turn northwest and find user trail toward ridgeline and sandy flats. )
SHR058 (Trail Junction. Leave PCT/JMT and turn right heading north toward Duck Lake. - Mile 129.72)
SHR057 (Second trail junction. Continue on JMT. Mile 127.63)
SHR056 (Trail Junction, continue straight on JMT. Mile 127.51)
SHR055 (Good, used campsites beneath gnarled trees. - Mile 125.85)
SHR054 (Junction with John Muir Trail, turn right heading east and begin climb through sage switchbacks out of Tully Hole. - Mile 123.48)
SHR053 (McGee PassTrail fords creek from east side of Horse Heaven. Stay left above/around Horse Heaven to avoid swamps. Let visible trail come to you, rather than crossing to it. - Mile 122.63)
SHR052 (Izaak Walton Lake)
SHR051 (Shout of Relief Pass - Mile 118.08)
SHR050 (Bighorn Pass - Mile 117.15)
SHR049 (Laurel Lake Trail, turn North. Climb very steep, hot trail. - Mile 113.84)
SHR048 (Huge logs across stream. NOTE: Fish Camp dusty, hammered. Not a good campsite to make for. - Mile 113.36)
SHR047 (Fine leave no trace camping on slabs below lake. - Mile 110.25)
SHR046 (Gabbott Pass. Good camping near col. - Mile 107.77)
SHR045 (Follow ramp up left, but not too high. Easy to climb too far and be forced to descend later. - Mile 105.16)
SHR044 (Lake Italy Trail, hidden in gullies between slabs. Turn right heading northward - Mile 104.00)
SHR043 (White Bear Pass - Mile 102.81)
SHR042 (Feather Pass, descend toward traverse around right side of Bear Lakes Basin - Mile 99.97)
SHR041 (Find faint user trail at old cairn. Difficult to locate, Follow up steep streamside hill. - Mile 96.10)
SHR040 (French Creek Trail, turn left heading west after stream ford - Mile 94.70)
SHR039 (Puppet Pass - Mile 91.88)
SHR038 (Cross Piute Pass Trail Again - Mile 89.12)
SHR037 (Cross Piute Pass Trail - Mile 88.95)
SHR036 (First possible campsite beyond Alpine Col - Mile 87.54)
SHR035 (Alpine Col. Long boulderhop descent down north side - Mile 85.76)
SHR034 (Follow trail past lake to first large switchback, then turn crisscrossing uphill from first major switchback above Evolution Canyon)
SHR033 (Muir Pass - Mile 73.56)
SHR032 (Junction with PCT, turn right heading northward toward Muir Pass - Mile 66.84)
SHR031 (South Lake Trailhead - Mile 55.18 Directions to Trailhead: From Bishop, take CA 168 west, turning left at S Lake Rd. Continue 7.1 miles to trail junction. )
SHR030 (Bishop Pass - Mile 50.12)
SHR029 (Thunderbolt Pass, big boulder descent on N. Side - Mile 47.85)
SHR028 (Barrett Lakes - Mile 47.09)
SHR027 (Potluck Pass - Mile 45.48)
SHR026 (Cirque Pass - Mile 43.89)
SHR025 (Leave trail for C II-III scramble to Cirque Pass, watch routefinding carefully - Mile 42.39)
SHR024 (Mather Pass - Mile 38.31)
SHR023 (Junction with modern JMT - Mile 33.74)
SHR022 (Old JMT down South Fork of Kings Canyon - Mile 31.60)
SHR021 (Cartridge Pass, grand views northeast - Mile 29.35 )
SHR020 (Strike trail along shore, look left for memorial plaque on boulder - Mile 23.00)
SHR019 (Steep descent gully to Marion Lake - Mile 22.80)
SHR018 (Red Pass - Mile 21.74)
SHR017 (Cross Valley Here, campites if needed - Mile 21.15)
SHR016 (Unnamed Lake - Mile 20.17)
SHR015 (South Fork of Cartridge Creek - Mile 19.08)
SHR014 (White Pass - Mile 18.41)
SHR013 (Windy Ridge Crossing - Mile 17.74)
SHR012 (Gray Pass, descend long grassy gully. - Mile 17.06)
SHR011 (Horseshoe Lakes, follow old 1935 Sierra Club trail traversing northward. - Mile 16.11)
SHR010 (Horseshoe Lakes Trail, turn right heading north - Mile 15.11)
SHR009 (Upper State Lake - Mile 14.49)
SHR008 (Trail Junction - Mile 14.01)
SHR007 (State Lakes - Mile 13.99)
SHR006 (State Lakes Trail, turn right heading east - Mile 13.19)
SHR005 (Glacier Lakes - Mile 10.78)
SHR004 (Goat Crest Saddle - Mile 10.28)
SHR003 (Grouse Lake Pass - Mile 8.10)
SHR002 (Grouse Lake and campsite mile 7.11)
SHR001 (Trailhead Kings Canyon - Mile 00)
Brewer Creek 7283'
Wishon Reservoir Trailhead 7500'
Onion Valley 9193'
Parker Lake
Tamarack Lakes
Horton Lakes
Gable Lakes
Convict Lake
Baxter Pass
Lamb Camp 11690'
Birch Spring 7200'
South Lake 9768'
Lake Sabrina 9128'
Courtwright Reservoir 8000'
Glacier Lodge 7795'
Florence Lake 7200'
Horseshoe Meadows 10000'
Whitney Portal 8360'
Mineral King 7800'
Middle Palisade
Road's End 5035'
N Palisade
Mount Sill
Old Ski Bowl 7800'
Shepherds Creek Trailhead 6400'
Bunny Flat 6900'
Laurel Lakes
Little Lakes Valley
Shadow Creek
Rush Creek
McGee Pass
Valentine Lakes
Yost / Fern Lake
Minaret Lake
Italy Pass