Potential day hike #1
Mar 5
Mar 8
Mar 4
Lower Whitewater falls overlook

Mar 7

established campsite
FT does not follow Bear Creek as shown. Follows side of ridge as marked here.
Confusing 5-way Junction: Follow White Blazes
Lower Whitewater Falls Overlook
Lower Whitewater Falls
Whitewater Bridge Spur Trail Access
Frozen Creek Rd Access
Laurel Valley Access
Canebrake Boat Access
Toxaway Creek Campsites
Horsepasture Boat Access
Laurel Fork Boat Access
Devil's Fork State Park Campground
Devil's Fork State Park Day Use
Hilliard Falls
Laurel Fork Falls
Bad Creek Access
Upper Whitewater Falls Parking Lot Access
Whitewater Rd Access
Sloan Bridge Access
Fish Hatchery Road Access
Burrell's Ford Road Access ((Parking))
Table Rock State Park Access
Ceasars Head State Park Access
Sassafrass Mountain Access
Chimneytop Gap Access
No Camping here to Table Rock SP Trailhead
Whitewater Falls Overlook (Frontcountry amenities such as picnic tables, restrooms, and the overlooks are near/along the trail here. )
Toxaway River Campsites
Bear Creek Campsite
Laurel Creek Campsites (Potential for night 1 around 5 miles from Canebrake)
Double Springs Campsite
Licklog Mountain Island
Possible Low Water Campsite?
Possible Low Water Campsite?
Jumping Off Rock Overlook
Established Campsite
Established Campsite
Established Campsite
Established Campsite
Established Campsite
Established Campsite
Possible Low Water Camping all along this shore?
Heartbreak Hill (288 Steps)