Bears Ears - Part 5 - 4/24/17
Bears Ears - Part 4 - 4/23/17
Bears Ears - Part 2 - 4/21/17
Bears Ears - Part 1a - 4/20/17
Track (4/20/17, 9:46:19AM)
Drive to Start
Slickhorn - 2
Slickhorn - 1
Pine Step

Dark Canyon
Natural Bridges
San Juan River
Natural Bridges

Bail Point
Crew Drive
Crew - Drive Opt 2
Government Trail ?
Drive to Pickup

Grand Gulch Day 1
Nat Bridges Exit

Natural Bridges
To Climbers Path
Woodshoe to Burch
Return to Car
Possible Exit
Collins Canyon Exit
Gov't Trail USGS
Another Option
Plan Q Exit
Dark Canyon

Google Maps

Mormon Trail Road
Google Maps
End - Vehicle
Grand Wash Exit
Collins Canyon
Backup Exit Pickup
Burch Canyon
Woodenshoe Canyon
Bears Ears
Bears Ears
Kane Gulch Ranger Station
Alt exit point?
Pocket Alcove Ruins & Kiva
Climbers Route In/Out
Entrenched Slot
Entrenched Slot
Dripping Canyon
Cow Tank Canyon
Polly's Island?
Step Canyon
Bullet Canyon
Possible Tricky falls?
Luke's Exit
Rim top Ruin
Pictograph panel
Accessible Grainery
impossible grainery
panel on upper slickrock path
Banister Ruin
Deer Canyon
Pour Off Traverse
Spring Ruin
Big Man Panel
Longhouse Ruin
Big Parade Panel
Dead Spar Knoll Panel
Two Story Ruin
Totem Pole Ruin
Bullet Canyon
Water Canyon
Camp - Stashed vehicle
Camp night 1
Camp Sat night
Sunday night camp?