Hourglass (ATL, NE, 30-40deg. Unsupported track )
Dragontail (ATL, SE, 30-50 degrees)
Hallett Couloir (ATL, N, 30-45deg. Multiple aspects in start zones.)
Dream Chutes (NTL, N, 30-40deg. Narrow chutes in trees, small-med sized start zones avoidable. Often thin cover early)
Aspen Grove (BTL, ESE, 20-35 degrees. Talus in summer (and sometimes winter) )
Otis Glades (NTL, N, 15-25 degrees)
Mario Gully (BTL, E, 25-35 degrees. Skier's left open and more planar. Gully is boulder-choked)
Super Mario (NTL, N-NE, 35-45 degrees. Often fully faceted)
Otis couloirs (NTL, N, 35-45deg. Skier's left (west) couloir has convex start zones. East has a narrow entrance to mid-path start zones on left side)
Loch Vale Gorge (Winter trail goes straight up through Gorge. Terrain traps present)
Winter Trail (Take a right after crossing the creek, usually well-packed. Cuts-off >.5mi to Loch Vale Junction)
Winter trail (Common ascent route to Nymph. Best to descend summer trail.)
Terrain Park (Near and Below TL, S-E, 25-35 deg. Many options generally moving skier's left. Smaller start zones are mostly avoidable. )
Flattop Trees (BTL, NE, 20-35deg. Short steeper sections avoidable)
Banana Bowls (Near and above TL, NE, 20-32 degrees)
Apron (ATL, ESE, 20-32deg. A strip of lower angled terrain in between the tracks of Dead Elk and DT. )
Dead Elk (ATL, SE, 30-45 degrees)