Cape Final
Hermit - Kaibob
Tonto Trail Trip
Bright Angel - Phantom Ranch - Kaibob Loop
South Kaibab Trail
Bright Angel Trail
North Kaibab Trail
Jewels Route
Royal Arch Loop
Escalante Route
Serpentine Canyon
Serpentine Rapids View
Bass Rapids
Ruby Canyon
Ruby Rapids View
Le Conte Plateau
Schaler Plateau
Turquoise Canyon
Bass Canyon
Spring (II)
Sapphire Canyon
Agate Canyon
Willies Necktie Rapids View
South Bass Trailhead
Slate Creek (IV)
Topaz Canyon
Crystal Rapids View
Boucher Rapids View
Travertine Canyon
Hermits Rest Trailhead
Boucher Creek (IV)

Perennial Stream (II)
Colorado River (V) (Contains Silt)
Tolec Beach
Colorado River (V) (Contains Silt)
20 ft Technical Climb/Rappel
Elves Chasm
Royal Arch
Spring (IV)
Potholes (II)
Garnet Canyon
Copper Canyon
Walthenberg Rapids View
Tyndall Dome Views

Potholes (II)
Bright Angel Trailhead
North Kaibab Trailhead
South Kaibab Trailhead
Tanner Trailhead
Grandview Trailhead
Seventyfive Mile
Nevills Rapids
Tanner Rapids

Palisades of the Desert Views
Cardenas Creek
Unkar Rapids Views
Escalante Creek (III)
Hance Creek (III)
Horseshoe Mesa
Hance Rapids
Indian Garden Campground
Bright Angel Campground
Cottonwood Campground
Ribbon Falls
Resthouse (IV)
Resthouse (IV)
Campground (V)
Campground (V)
Campground (IV)
Pump House (IV)
Roaring Springs (IV)
Supai Tunnel (IV)
Cedar Ridge
Skeleton Point
The Tipoff
Dripping Spring (IV)