Upper Basin
Mount Cotter
Mount Baxter High Route to Sawmill JCT
Sawmill Entry Cont
Trailhead to Bishop Pass
Bishop Pass to Knapsack Pass
Potluck Pass to Cirque Pass
Cirque Pass to Mather Pass
Mather Pass to Taboose Creek JCT
Knapsack Pass to Potluck Pass
Woods Hole to Mt Baxter JCT
Glen Pass to Kearsarge JCT
Junction Pass to Shepherd Pass JCT
Shepherd Pass to Wright Lakes Pass
Wright Lakes Pass to Russell Carillon Col
Russell Carillon Col to Mt Whitney
Mount Whitney to Whitney Portal JCT
Crabtree Pass to New Army Pass
New Army Pass to Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead

Shepherd Pass Entry
Sawmill Entry

Taboose Creek JCT to Pinchot Pass
Sawmill JCT to Mount Baxter
Mt Baxter JCT to Glen Pass
JMT JCT to Glen Pass
Kearsarge JCT to Junction Pass
Shepherd Pass JCT to Shepherd Pass
Pinchot Pass to Mt Baxter JCT
Mt Baxter JCT to Woods Hole
Whitney Portal JCT to Crabtree Pass
Mount Baxter to JMT JCT
Mount Sil
Mount Baxter High Route End
Sawmill Entry Point
Taboose Creek Entry
Kearsarge Pass Trailhead
Shepherd Pass Trailhead
Mt Baxter High Route Begin

Mt Whitney
Bishop Lake Trailhead
Bishop Pass
Knapsack Pass
Potluck Pass
Mount Sil
Cirque Pass

Mather Pass
Lower Palisade Lake
Upper Palisade Lake

Pinchot Pass
Depart JMT for Upper Basin

Upper Basin

Mount Baxter

John Muir JCT
JCT Sawmill Pass Trail

Sawmill JCT
Woods Hole

Mount Cotter
Upper Rae Lake
Glen Pass
Kearsarge JCT
Vidette Meadow

Junction Pass

Shepherd Pass

Wright Lakes Pass

Wallace Creek

Russell Carillon Col

Boy Scout Lake

Whitney Portal JCT

Crabtree Pass


New Army Pass
Long Lake

Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead
Shepherd JCT
Whitney Trailhead
Camp 5
Camp 1
Camp 2
Camp 3