Engineer Mountain Trail_Engineer Trail
Engineer Mtn Peak
Beaver Pond (Coordinates: 37.705078,-107.779483Elevation:  11,191 feettrail information & photo galleryThe one large pond visible right on the trail.  This is still well below timberline and surrounded by beautiful old growth forest.)
Engineer Mountain Summit (Coordinates:  37.699354,-107.806594Elevation: 12968 feettrail information & photo galleryThis summit is ever changing due to erosion and loose rock, good to use extra caution.)
Pass Creek Trail Junction (Coordinates:  37.703802,-107.798441Elevation:  11,679 feettrail information & photo galleryThe Pass Creek trail crosses the Engineer trail.  You can make a nice mountain biking loop from the Engineer trailhead back down the pass creek trail to Cascade Creek.)
Engineer Trailhead (Coordinates:  37.699301,-107.778957Elevation:  10, 595 feetThere is a large dirt parking area at the trailhead, on the weekend this fills up fast because this is a very popular hike.  trail information & photo galleryThe trail head is located at the top of Coalbank pass off of highway 550.)
Castle (Coordinates:  37.701207,-107.802185Elevation: 12,240 feettrail information & photo galleryJust before the scramble climbing area to the top, makes a great wind breaker.  Perfect spot to stop for a breather.)
Bench (View up Engineer from the bench.Coordinates:  37.703201,-107.80032Elevation: 11,808 feettrail information & photo galleryThis marks the beginning of the steeper climb to the summit, from here on out be ready for some steep climbing.)