Unit 15
Rush West
Henning West
Cheney Wildlife Area (5439 Acres 620 459 6922 Reno Sedgwick)
Byron Walker Wildlife Area (Troy Smith 620-532-3242)
Slate Creek Wetland (947 acres of public hunting. Kurt Grimm 620-876-5730 Daily permit?)
Point 9 (Klaar's place.)
Point 8 (Benton place 80 Acres)
Point 7 (The rush property)
Point 5 (This spot is kind of a "by chance" spot. There is always crop of some sort planted to the south. Deer come out of the trees 1/2 mile north and trek to the wheat in the evening. I'll set a mineral block out there starting the 1st of September to kind of train them a bit.)
Point 4 (Home place)
Point 3 (Lott 122 Acres)
Point 2 (Big pond on the North side. Wheat on the south.)