Hiked the Buck Creek Pass - Image Lake - Cloudy Pass - Spider Gap Loop in the Glacier Peak Wilderness
Day06 Hike (Hiked from Image Lake to Cloudy Pass via Suiattle Pass)
Day07 Hike (Climbed Cloudy Peak from Cloudy Pass)
Day02 Hike (Pt 2) (GPS issues lost part of the trail - continuing on the Buck Creek Pass Trail to camp at Buck Creek Pass)
Day08 Hike (Hiked from Cloudy Pass to Upper Lyman Lakes and viewed some waterfalls on the way)
Day09 Hike (Hiked from Upper Lyman Lakes over Spider Gap and the Spider Glacier and camped at Larch Knob high above Spider Meadow)
Day10 Hike (Hiked from Larch Knob near the Spider Glacier down through Spider Meadow on the Phelps Creek Trail to the trailhead where we'd left our car)
Day05 Hike (Hiked from Miners Creek on the PCT to Image Lake)
Day02 Hike (Pt 1) (Continued on the Buck Creek Pass Trail)
Day05 Lookout Tower (Hiked from Image Lake to the Miners Ridge Fire Lookout Tower and back to Image Lake)
Day03 Hike (Hiked to High Pass from Buck Creek Pass)
Day01 Hike (Dropped the car at the Phelps Creek Trailhead then hiked down to the Trinity Trailhead and the Buck Creek Pass Trail then continued upward on the trail before camping beyond the Chiwawa River Bridge Crossing)
Day04 Hike (Hiked from Buck Creek Pass to camp at Miners Creek on the PCT)
Day08 hike2 (HIked to see the Upper Lyman Lakes as well as the waterfall above Lyman Lake)
Crown Point Falls
Flower Dome
Suiattle Pass
Spider Gap
Phelps Creek TH
Phelps Creek CG
Middle Ridge
Lyman Lake
Miners Ridge Lookout Tower
Larch Knob
Image Lake
High Pass
Hart Lake
Crossing Danger
Cloudy Pass
Buck Creek Pass
Bridge Gone
Trail Unmaintained
Trinity TH
Backpack Stash
Cloudy Peak
Lyman Lake Waterfall
Glacier Peak