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Junction Creek Trailhead (Coordinates: 37.3313,-107.9028Elevation: 6,998 feetJunction Creek Trailhead is the southern most end of the famous Colorado Trail, just outside of Durango, Colorado.  There is a large dirt parking area, restrooms, and camping area just up the road.)
Kenebec Pass Trailhead (Coordinates: 37.4517,-108.0114Elevation: 11,650 feetThere is a large dirt parking area at the trailhead. The only way to reach it by vehicle is to take the La Plata Canyon road, which is a dirt 4x4 recommended road.)
Hotel Draw Road (Coordinates: 37.641, -107.965Elevation: 10,450 feetSmall parking area on Hotel Draw Road (FS Rd 550), the dirt road may be close or 4x4 recommended at times. )
Little Molas Lake Trailhead (Coordinates: 37.742, -107.711Elevation: 10,906 feetThis trail head is located at Little Molas Lake on West side of Hwy 550, just a short distance from the hwy on a dirt road.  There is a large dirt parking area, restrooms, camping areas, fishing and more!)
Bolam Pass Trail Access (Coordinates: 37.7131,-107.903Elevation: 11,108 feetAlong Hermosa Creek Rd (FS Rd 578) at Celebration Lake.  This dirt road is 4x4 recommended.  )
Stony Pass Road Access (Coordinates: 37.794, -107.546Elevation: 12,539 feetFrom Stony Pass to the South of the Road is on Wilderness,  bicycles are NOT allowed on this section.  There is a small parking area next to the trailhead and 4x4 is recommend for this dirt road.)