Burr Trail Rd
Ut Border
Dirty Devil River
01: Arches to Hurrah
02: Hurrah to Canyonlands
03: Canyonlands to Hite
04: Hite to Poison Springs
05: Poison Springs to Burr Trail
06: Burr Trail to Hole in the Rock
07: Hole in the Rock to Round Valley Draw
08: Round Valley to Cottonwood
09: Willis Creek to Stateline
10: Stateline to Nankoweap
11: Nankoweap to Horseshoe Mesa
12: Horseshoe Mesa to North Rim
14: Hack Canyon to Zions
13: North Rim to Hack Canyon
14: Hack Canyon to Zions
12: Horseshoe Mesa to North Rim
08: Cotton Wood to Willis Creek
San Rafael River Gorge
Trans Zion
Hwy 95

Cathedral Canyon (Lake Powell)
Big Spring Canyon (West Fork)
Choprock Canyon (South Fork)
Bitter Creek
Refrigerator Canyon (Lower)
Shear Canyon
Cosmic Navel
Bridge Canyon
White Roost Canyon (Main Fork)
Bingo Canyon
Happy Canyon
Stud Horse Point Canyon
West Canyon Slot
Wheeler Peak TH
Whipple Cave ( )
Another Antelope
Chaol Canyon
Bluejohn Canyon-Little West
Low Spur
Lost Park Canyon
East of Stateline Canyon
Great Gallery
Baker/Johnson Loop TH
Alcatraz Canyon
Annie's (South Fork)
Montezuma Canyon
Offshore Canyon
Ho Hum Fork
Buckskin Gulch
Hook Canyon
Frog Hollow
Deadeye Dick
Hidden Canyon
Pugh Canyon
Chambers Canyon
Rock Canyon
Spring Hollow Box Canyon (Private Access (no known contact))
Hidden Star Canyon
Gully of Great White Throne
Jolley Gulch
Bald Rock Canyon
State Line Canyon
Little White Roost Canyon
Bluejohn Canyon (West Exit)
Taylor Creek (Middle Fork)
Refrigerator Canyon (Upper)
Maybe Mindbender Canyon
Catstair Canyon
Mindbender Canyon
Limbo Canyon
Hidden Canyon (End)
Mighty Mouse Canyon
Cardiac Canyon (restricted)
Tidwell Canyon
Bluejohn Canyon-Little East
Pinon Canyon (closed)
Mis-Me Canyon
Bloodhound Canyon
Lehman Caves
Labyrinth Canyon
Peach Wash
Five for the Drive
Hole Canyon
No Mans Canyon (South Fork)
Etta Place Canyon
Warm Springs Creek
Big Spring Canyon (Northwest Fork)
Cha Canyon
Crystal Springs (Canyon 2)
Bull Valley Gorge
Ferry Swale
Downward Spiral Canyon
Cottonwood Narrows
Fallen Angel
Sawtooth Canyon
Waterholes (Upper East Branch - North Slot)
Pasture Canyon
Waterholes (Upper East Branch - South Slot)
Robbers Roost-South Fork
Angels Advocate
Buck Canyon (East Fork)
Annie's (North Fork)
Euphrates Canyon
Devils Thumb
Sinusitis Canyon
Dos Bolsas Cajones
Sile Brink Hollow Canyon
Waterholes Canyon (Upper)
Balanced Rock Canyon
Blue Pool Wash
Arch Nemesis
Ticaboo Canyon (Upper)
Tripoli Canyon
Psychological Damage Canyon
Smith Fork Canyon
Mayday Canyon
Twin Corral Box Canyon
Two Step Canyon
Garden Balcony
Not Mindbender Canyon
Sand Slide Slots (Lower)
Little Bull Canyon
Double Deuce Canyon
Clear Creek (Lake Powell)
Double Entendre
Inferno Canyon
Robbers Roost-Middle Fork
Page, AZ
Face Canyon
TCB (North East Fork)
Red Spur
No Mans Canyon (North Fork)
Portal Canyon
Shenanigans Canyon
Six Appeal
Sphinx Canyon
Bluejohn Canyon (East Fork)
Bluejohn Canyon (Little Bluejohn)
Angel Slot
Moonshine Wash
Fiddlestix Canyon
Water Canyon (High Spur)
Bluejohn Canyon (Lower)
Junkyard Canyon
Woody Canyon
Three Canyon
Lost Spring Canyon (Middle Fork)
Lost Angel
Horseshoe Canyon
Beehive Canyons
Conundrum Canyon aka Crescent Creek
Buck Canyon (West Fork)
Turner Canyon
Big Bad Ben
Burr Slot
Tumbleweed Balcony
Trachyotomy Canyon
Horse Play Canyon ( )
Bluejohn Canyon (West Fork)
High Spur Canyon
Bull Pasture Canyon
No Kidding
Hells Hole Canyon
Almost Mindbender
Sams Mesa Box Canyon
Gruvers Slot
West Canyon (Upper)
Bluejohn Canyon (Main Fork)
Big Spring Canyon (East Fork)
White Roost Canyon (West Fork)
Angel Cove (South Fork)
Benign Canyon
Bluejohn Canyon (Squeeze Fork)
Robbers Roost-North Fork
Angel Cove (Main Fork)
Leviathan Cave
Wheeler Peak
Cascade Canyon (Lake Powell)
Waterholes (Upper West Branch - East Fork)
Hackberry Canyon
Kaibito Creek (Upper)
Water Pockets Canyon
Wildcat Tank Canyon
Crystal Springs (Canyon 1)
Anasazi Canyon
Blue Pools Canyon
The Ropes Trail
Butterfly Canyon (closed)
Good Day Jim Canyon
Purgatory (Dave's Not Dead)
Waterholes (Upper West Branch - West Fork)
Waterholes (Upper West Branch - Middle Fork)
Hard Day Harvey Canyon
Defiance House
Paradiso Canyon
Antelope Canyon-Lower (restricted)
Starting Water Wash
Boltergeist Canyon
Pigeon Poop
Round Valley Draw
Baboon Laughs
Little Death Hollow
Coyote Buttes (The Wave)
Booker Canyon
Lodge Canyon
Stone Donkey Canyon
Brimstone Gulch
Starlight Canyon
Deer Creek Canyon
Corral Hollow
Lick Wash
Willis Creek Narrows
Spring Creek
Marble Canyon
Larry Canyon
Cherry Canyon
South Guardian Angel Canyon
Russell Gulch
Red Hollow (Private Access (no known contact))
Island In The Sky
Behunin Canyon
Spry Canyon
Echo Canyon (Middle)
Orderville Canyon
Water Canyon
Johnson Arch Canyon
Bulloch Canyon (Salamander Fork)
Too Wet
Golf Canyon
Birch Hollow
Mineral Gulch
Diana's Throne Canyon
Red Caves (Private Access:435-648-2522)
Hammerhead(Right Fork)
Telephone Canyon
Isaac Canyon
Observation Point Canyon
Eastern Sun
Not Imlay Canyon
Spearhead Canyon
Wedge (Crowford Arch)
Snake Alley and Sidewinder
Poverty Wash
Taylor Creek (South Fork)
Taylor Creek (North Fork)
Benson Creek
Oak Creek (North Fork)
Englestead Hollow
Das Boot
Keyhole Canyon (Zion)
Boundary Canyon
Ghost Rider Canyon
Walker Gulch
Icebox Canyon (Zion)
Pipe Spring Canyon
Yankee Doodle Hollow
Parunuweap Canyon
Right Fork-North Creek (Direct)
Mystery Canyon
Narrows (Upper)
Hurrah Pass
North Rim
Nankoweap TH
Horseshoe Mesa
Hack Reservoir
Heaps Canyon
Kolob Canyon
Imlay Canyon (Sneak Route)
Imlay Canyon (Full)
Pine Creek Canyon
Checkerboard Canyon
Red Canyon (Peek-a-Boo Canyon)
Right Fork
Jacob Canyon
Kanarra Creek
Angels Landing
Echo Canyon (Lower)
Dominquez Canyon
Heaps (via Gunsight)
Oak Creek (South Fork)
Narrows (Lower)
Paria Canyon
Grand Junction
Secret Canyon (AZ) (restricted)
Kaibito Creek (Upper - East Fork)
Antelope Canyon-Upper (restricted)
Canyon X (restricted)
Davis Gulch
Death Hollow
Spooky Gulch
Sad Cow Disease
Peek-a-Boo Canyon
Neon Canyon
Micro Death Hollow
Zebra Canyon
Ringtail Canyon
Red Breaks
Dry Fork
Llewellyn Gulch
Raven Canyon
Calf Creek Falls (Lower)
Calf Creek Falls (Upper)
Sleepy Hollow
Coyote Gulch
Egypt 2
Headless Hen
Egypt 1 Canyon
The Gulch
Phipps Wash
Egypt 2 Canyon
Egypt 5 Canyon
Ponderosa Fork
Tunnel Slot
Spencer Canyon
Egypt 1.5 AKA Bobo
Fuzzy Caterpillar Gorge
Big Horn
Mossy Cave
Drill Hole
Egypt 3
25 Mile Wash
Aardvark Canyon (North Fork)
Aardvark Canyon (South Fork)
Baker Canyon (East Fork)
Baker Canyon (West Fork)
Big Rattlesnake Canyon
Bishop Canyon
Box Elder Canyon
Don't Do It Canyon
Dry Hollow
Egypt 4 Canyon
Escalante River
Fence Canyon
Fortymile Gulch
Halfway Hollow
Little Baker Slots
Scorpion Canyons
Long Branch
Midget Rattler
Pothole Fork
Sandslide Canyon
Temple of Doom Canyon
Wingate Willie
Wolverine Canyon
Pandora's Box
Cassidy Canyon
Poe Canyon
Wonderland Canyon
Sulphur Creek
Strike 2 Canyon
Stegosaur Slot
The Wives
Shinob Canyon (Nighthawk Fork)
Muley Twist Canyon
Sheets Gulch
Cottonwood Wash
Shinob Canyon (Timpie Fork)
Happy Dog Canyon
Headquarters Canyon
Rotary Dial Canyon
Sand Creek Falls
Shinob Canyon (Na-gah Fork)
Watson Canyon
Burro Wash
Old School
Red Canyon (Sunglow)
Five Mile Wash
Smokestack Canyon
Grand Wash
Surprise Canyon (Capitol Reef)
Halls Creek Narrows
The Squeeze
Quandary Canyon
Three Fingers Canyon
Black Box (Upper)
Baptist Draw
Basilisk (Goblin's Lair)
Zero G Canyon
Knotted Rope Canyon
Muddy Creek Chute
Black Dragon Wash
Temple Mountain Wash
Arch Tower and Cave Canyon
Iron Wash (North Fork)
Little Wild Horse Canyon
Box and Double Arch Canyons
Iron Wash (Upper)
Black Box (Lower)
Greasewood (Upper)
Muddy Creek Gorge
Wild Horse Window Canyon
Chute Canyon (Upper)
Straight Wash (Upper)
Southern Baptist Canyon
Goblin Valley
Cable Canyon
Forgotten and Lower Eagle Canyon
Enigma Canyon
Iron Wash (Lower)
Crack Canyon
Hyde Draw
Eardley Canyon (Lower)
Ding Canyon
Music Canyon
Eardley Canyon (Upper)
Farnsworth Canyon
Lupacchiotta Canyon
Devils Canyon (Utah)
Great Gusto Canyon
Mud Canyon
Straight Wash (Lower)
Crawford Draw
Chute Canyon (Lower)
Segers Window Canyon
Bell Canyon
Cistern Canyon
Penitentiary Canyon
Corral Canyon
Dang Canyon
Fault Canyon
Gem Canyon (Middle Fork)
Gem Canyon (West Fork)
Horse Heaven Canyon
Poncho Wash
Ramp Canyon
Coral Pink Sand Dunes
Montezuma's Gold
White Pockets
Devil's Garden
Scorpion-East TH
Hole in the Rock
Basilisk (Goblin's Lair) TH
Reflection Canyon TH
Sunrise/Sunset Arches TH
Navajo/Queens Loop TH
Bryce Under the Rim TH
San Rafael Campground
Fuller Bottom TH
San Rafael TH
Sand Creek
Mamie Creek
Boulder Mail Trail TH
Escalante Bridge TH
Hatch Canyon
Fiddler Cove Canyon
Driftwood Canyon
East of Eden
Endless Eden
Forbidding Canyon
Glaucoma Canyon
Happy Ending
Lehi Canyon
Lost Eden
Moepitz Canyon
Moqui Canyon (Canyon 1)
Moqui Canyon (Canyon 2)
Moqui Canyon (Canyon 3)
Mountain Sheep Canyon
Nasja Canyon
Not Annie's
Off the Hook Canyon
Pothoez Canyon
Pottymouth Canyon
Seven Mile Canyon
Seven Mile Canyon-Big East
Seven Mile Canyon-Little East)
Shuffleboard Canyon
Sleepytime Trio
Smith Fork (Minor Fork)
Smith Fork (North Fork)
Smith Fork (South Fork)
Trough Canyon
Twilight Canyon
West Canyon Narrows
Wetherill Canyon
Wormhole Canyon
Morocco Canyon
Leprechaun Canyon (Left Fork)
Hogwarts Canyon ( )
Leprechaun Canyon (Right Fork) ( )
Maidenwater (Upper South Fork)
Hog 2 Canyon ( )
Hog 1 Canyon (Boss Hog) ( )
Foolin Around Slot (East)
Leprechaun Canyon (Middle Fork)
Maidenwater (Upper Middle Fork) ( )
Blarney Canyon (Left Fork)
Monkey Business Slot
Blarney Canyon (Right Fork)
Hog 3 Canyon (Razorback) ( )
Trail Canyon
Stair Canyon (Upper)
Hog 4 Canyon (Miss Piggy) ( )
Sandthrax Canyon
Jilted Lover ( )
Leprechaun Hike ( )
Trachyte Creek
Merry Piglet
Butler Canyon (Main Fork)
Blushing Bride
Yellow Brick Road
Death Canyon
Maidenwater Canyon (Lower)
Shillelagh Canyon
Lucky Charms ( )
Woodruff Canyon
Messin' Around
Black Table Canyon
Playin Around Slot
Short End of the Stick
Sow Fork
Wood Bee (Little Fork)
Woodsy Canyon
Slideanide Canyon ( )
Constrychnine Canyon
Arscenic Canyon
Adobe Swale
Swett Canyon
Redemption Canyon
Hogs TH
The Wives TH
Cassidy Canyon TH