106 Boulders area along with Drunk Wall conglomerate sport climbing
Traditional Approach
Drunk Wall Approach (From Vallecitos take dirt road west, turn left onto FR44, then right onto 106A (signed) for a short bit. Then right again on a VERY faint two-track (you may actually miss it...it's not obvious after first but is just after the "JG boulder" on the left. Drive that faint road down to cross a damp drainage and up a slightly rough two-track until it just dies. From the end of the road, the Drunk Wall is just a couple minutes' hike to the north.)
Drunk Wall Approach Hike (So long. So brutal.)
106 Driving Approach (Can drive to within a one minute walk of 106 Roof. Last bit of road is faint but well-used two-track)
106 Parking (Park at saddle)
Parking (Small, one vehicle pullout dowhill of switchback)
106 Roof (Many juggy, easy roof problems and one huge piece of beauty rock (dangerous highball or potential three-bolt sport routes))
Mega Project, Black Magic (V7) and Brothers (V6) (Black Magic (V7) and mega project arÍte problem just to the left. Brothers (V7) just downhill and to the east at All Day Wall. Stolen Treasure (V6) just uphill of Black Magic in slot. )
Really cool summit boulder
Velvet Tongue (V0) (Cool tongue feature sticks out of east face. I spent a ridiculous amount of time making sweet landing because I was solo. https://www.dropbox.com/s/in1pwtwky0qikty/2016-03-26%2013.51.23.jpg?dl=0)
Animatronic Chipmunk (V2) (SDS on north face of boulder with rail. Big move up to block on top and jugs. )
Peregrine (V3) (Scramble up into tiny alcove. SDS on south-facing block with compression and heel hook moves up face to good features. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a74st63g7av8aqt/2016-03-26%2015.16.28.jpg?dl=0)
Some Really Big Stuff
JG Boulder (Heart-shaped boulder with "JG" spray painted on it)
106A intersection (Signed)
Drunk Wall (50 foot conglomerate wall N/NE facing with the stream running along the base. Beautiful spot. Two six-bolt sport routes. Right one is 10d and left one 11a. Or something. )
106 Intersection
Plenty of potential
All Day Wall (Brothers (V7))