Upper Hackberry Rd
Willis Creek - Bull Valley Gorge
Sam Pollock Arch

Alt Entrance
01: Arches to Hurrah
02: Hurrah to Canyonlands
03: Canyonlands to Hite
04: Hite to Poison Springs
05: Poison Springs to Burr Trail
06: Burr Trail to Hole in the Rock
07: Hole in the Rock to Round Valley Draw
08: Round Valley to Cottonwood
09: Willis Creek to Stateline
10: Stateline to Nankoweap
11: Nankoweap to Horseshoe Mesa
12: Horseshoe Mesa to North Rim
14: Hack Canyon to Zions
13: North Rim to Hack Canyon
SDC Exit
SDC (approach)
SDC (canyon)
Chimney Rock
Canyonlands Trip
Angel Arch Trail
Salt Creek
alt exit
Slick Rock Bench
Round Valley Rd.
Chesler Park
San Rafael River Gorge
12: Horseshoe Mesa to North Rim
14: Hack Canyon to Zions
08: Cotton Wood to Willis Creek
Read Breaks Entrance
Red Breaks
Cosmic Approach (alt)
Paria Canyon-2
Wire Pass Canyon
Paria Canyon-1
Fuller Bottom TH
Elephant Hill TH
Round Valley Draw TH
San Rafael Campground
SDC Slot End
San Rafael TH
SDC Exit
Upper Hackberry TH
Chimney Rock
TH Start
Indian Creek
Indian Creek
Cathedral Butte TH
squaw flat
Buckskin Gulch
Kitchen Canyon Falls
Stone Donkey Canyon
Kitchen Canyon Falls
Asay Canyon (slot)
Willis Creek/Bull Valley Gorge
Reliable Spring
Round Valley Seep (unreliable)
Creek bed begins flowing
Sam Pollock Arch
Cottonwood TH
Creek water diminishes
Hurrah Pass
Big Spring Trailhead?
Poison Springs Canyon
Capital Reef Nat'l Park
Hole in the Rock Road
Round Valley Draw TH
North Rim
Willis Creek TH
Arizona State Line
Nankoweap TH
Horseshoe Mesa
Hack Reservoir

Canyon Head
Climb out, bypass on left
Harris Wash TH
Descend into West Fork
Alt Trailhead
Hogeye Canyon (clear water)
Buckskin (alt exit)
Paria Canyon
Bull Gorge TH
Wire Pass TH
Lee's Ferry
Snake Creek (clear water)
Deer Creek Canyon (clear water)
Asay Canyon (slot)