Leg K
Leg J
Leg I option
Leg I
Leg J option
Leg K option (Old road and utility line. Shorter, but brushier and requires crossing several ravines. We didn't see any poison oak.)
Leg K option (Climb to the higher lip, then left to the sculpted clump of bays.)
Leg K option (The other way is faster, but you might end up here if you follow one of the more prominent volunteer trails.)
Leg K option
Leg H bottom
Lead In
Shortcut W
Leg D
Leg E
Leg F first portion
Harder Connector to V
Easy Connector to V
Leg F to Camp
Leg F to Mt Home
Leg A from camp
Leg B
Leg C
Leg B option (Longer, but passes a water fountain.)
Leg A from Mt Home
Leg A remainder
Shortcut S
26 Bolinas Ridge
23 Cardiac
24 Hot Springs
22 Hat Hill
21 Ask Alice (Same location as 16)
25 Fir Tree (My Photo - 3/20/16, 11:52:24AM)
I2 Leave Trail
I3 Leave Trail
J2 Steep Ravine Tr (My Photo - 2/6/16, 12:24:08PM)
J1 slope with rocks (My Photo - 2/6/16, 12:11:33PM)
K1 Pole with yellow stay (My Photo - 3/20/16, 12:10:53PM)
KX Poison Oak Tree (Stay left of the tree. A few small plants as well. All are avoidable. My Photo - 3/20/16, 10:49:40AM)
K2 Enter Canopy
K4 Exit Trees
KX Poison Oak Patch (A few small plants as you exit the canopy. Avoidable.)
KX Old Homestead (A neat spot, but the poison oak is very bad.)
I1 Bridge
08 Slab Falls
09 Top of Falls
10 Summit
12 Colier Roost
13 NW Passage
D1 Footbridge
E2 Leave Creek
F1 Guide Rocks
11 Visitor Center
14 Alice Eastwood Ridge
E1 Left at Confluence
C3 Redwood Spring Tr
Training Run Start/Finish
01 Rope Swing
02 Sign In
03 International Notch
04 West Peak
05 West Falls
C1 Leave EPFT
06 Deer Skull Rock
07 Visitor Center
C2 High Confluence
C3 Redwood Spring Tr
B1 Old Berry Tr (If you miss the turn, you'll find quite a bit of poison oak.)
Training Run Start/Finish