(After you pass North Mountain, you will start to descend slightly. There will be a location where you can leave the trail for the hidden campsite. The hidden campsite on North Mountain is about 450' off the Escarpment Trail. Initially you should look for an opening of the forest on the right of the path. If you go too far, the trail will turn 90 degrees to the left, and you will come to an opening on a large flat ledge slab. Turn around and go back into the forest and look for the opening. If the leaves are not on the trees you can see the rim. In the summer months you may not be able to see the rim. As you walk in the opening head for the rim while turning very slowly to the right. Follow the rim. You will get to a point where you cannot follow the rim because there is a lot of brush. Move away from the rim and climb up on large rocks and then follow the rim. After a short distance, you will be able to return to the rim. After you walk past two conifer trees that are very close together, you will come to the hidden campground.)