Colorado Trail: Segment 28_Segment 28 of Colorado Trail
Colorado Trail: Segment 28_Hoffiens Connection
Colorado Trail: Segment 28_Dry Fork Trail
Dry Fork Trailhead (Coordinates: 37.330, -107.938Elevation: 7,374 feetThere is a very large dirt parking area at the trailhead and even a coral for horses.  )
Junction: Hoffeins Connection & Colorado Trail (Coordinates:  37.352, -107.935Elevation:  8,022 feetThe junction of Colorado Trail and Hoffeins Connection.)
Junction: Dry Fork & Hoffeins (Coordinates:  37.339, -107.945Elevation:  7,649 feet )
Junction: Colorado Trail & Dry Fork Trail (Coordinates:  37.355, -107.971Elevation:  8,605 feetThe junction of the Colorado Trail and the Dry Fork Trail.)
FS RD 171 N Crossing: Champion Venture (Coordinates: 37.450,-107.983Elevation:  10,382 feet)
Goudy's Rest (Coordinates:  37.352, -107.931Elevation:  8,012 feetGoudy's Rest is a great lookout into the Junction Creek Drainage which flows into the Animas River in Durango, Colorado.  Stop and take a picture, what a view!)
Kenebec Pass Trailhead (Coordinates: 37.4517,-108.0114Elevation: 11,650 feetThere is a large dirt parking area here, the La Plata Canyon road to get here is a dirt 4x4 recommended road.)
Junction Creek Trailhead (Coordinates: 37.3313,-107.9028Elevation: 6,998 feetJunction Creek Trailhead is the southern most end of the famous Colorado Trail, just outside of Durango, Colorado.  There is a large dirt parking area, restrooms, and camping area just up the road.  )