Up & Over Hiking Route (+2,700'/ -2,100' in ~6.5 miles)
Z-Rock Down Hiking Route (+500' in ~5 miles)
Z-Rock Down Creek Run (Drops 500' in ~5.2 river miles, Class III+, PR 4)
Upper Creek Run (Drops 600' in ~5.5 miles, Class IV-, PR 4+)
KWG Office Kennicott (Kennicott Wilderness Guides Office is the start of Up & Over course, 1970')
The Goods RM 8 (Class III+, PR 4)
Junkyard RM 6.5
National Pass (4640')
Angle Station (4000')
Put-In Beach RM 0 (River Mile 0<br>Beginning of rafting section of Up & Over Course)
Upper Portage Eddy RM .42 (The first eddy to get out for the mandatory portage, well above the logjam in the canyon)
Lower Portage Eddy RM .48 (This eddy will also be manned, if the upper eddy is busy you may be directed here to get out)
End of Portage RM .7
Upper Tunnel Rapid RM 2.5 (Class III+, PR 4)
Big Rock RM 4 (Class IV-, PR 4+)
Grotto Rapids RM 4.2 (Class IV-, PR 4+)
Lower Tunnel Rapid RM 5
MRTO Office McCarthy (McCarthy River Tours and Outfitters Office is the start of the Z-Rock Down course and finish for both courses)
Z-Rock Beach RM 5.5 (Just downstream of the Z-Rock Canyon this rocky beach is the transition point for the Z-Rock Down Race)
Take-Out RM 10.7