April 14-17 2017. This map was recreated from memory, not GPS. The conditions were sunny or cloudy for almost the entirety of the trip. This was a medium snow year.
This is not a GPS track and was created from memory
Day 1 Snowdrift Ascent
Ski descent (Snow was soft below ~5700 ft. Skied a few laps before skiing back to camp)
Skin Track
I led this section (Placed 3 pickets vertically. Snow was not super hard so I didn't feel great about vertical placement, but it was fast)
Summit Push (Was able to place a cam at the top of the steepest section and a nut in the middle of the seepest section.)
Day 2 Emperor Peak
Ski Unroped Day 3
Roped skiing
Skiing making as few turns as possible
8 mile ski in an hour!
This is not a GPS track and was created from memory
This section was super sketchy. Knife edge ridges next to crevasses along with punchy snow bridges made travel hazardous.
Ski Plane Dropoff/Camp (Stayed 2 nights)
Transition from skis to crampons (Wind hammered snow would have been skiable but very hard & bumpy sastrugi)
Transition to Crampons
Roped Up Here
Break on the Shoulder
Sketchballs postholling soft steep snow
Roped Up
Stopped at rock band, transitioned to downhill unroped
Camp Day 3 (Snow was really punchy in the evening when we arrived at 18:30. Hard as concrete by the AM.)
We got off the ice somewhere around here. There is a trail albeit hard to identify with cairns that meets up with the McGinnis trail. (The "trail" goes up a scrambly rock face. If it were icy, this route might be a no-go.)