Vinegaroon (3) - The Canyon and Exit ( (Data by
Vinegaroon (2) - Approach ( (Data by
yVinegaroonBt (End of Vinegaroon Canyon where the slot ends abruptly. (Data by
wVingroonRP15 (The gravel bank is low enough here to allow you to scramble up to the top of it to walk more south toward the car park at the Desolation Wilderness parking area. (Data by
tDesolationCyn (Parking area at the end of the Desolation Canyon road. Also parking for the exit vehicle for the Scorpion Canyon and Vinegaroon Canyon Routes. (Data by
dVingroonR3 (Rap 3 - Vinegaroon Canyon. Anchored from a cairn anchor about 10 feetback and drops about 20 feet down a vertical wall. (Data by
dVingroonR4 (Rap 4 - Vinegaroon Canyon. Anchored from a cairn anchor and drops about 25 feet down a vertical wall. (Data by
wVingroonRP14 (Downclimb of about 25 feet broken up over three drops of 6 to 8 feet each. (Data by
dVingroonR5 (Rap 5 -Vinegaroon Canyon. Anchored from a cairn anchor about 15 feet back and drops about 25 feet down an almost vertical wall. About 40 feet of rope travel will be needed. Try not to send everyone down the downclimbs to rap 5 before sending someone down to see if the anchor material is still there. (Data by
dVingroonR2 (Rap 2 - Vinegaroon Canyon. Anchored from a knot chalk about 15 feet back on the LDC side and drops about 25 feet down a vertical wall. About 40 feet of rope travel will be needed. There are lots of rocks to build a cairn anchor if desired. (Data by
wVingroonRP11 (Canyon makes a sharp sweep right then left and starts a series of scrambles as you drop down into a deeper corridor like area. About 400 feet down canyon is another series of 3 or 4 easy scrambles. (Data by
wVingroonRP12 (Top of a slope in the corridor to walk down that has a total drop of about 25 feet. Down canyon of here are a couple more slopes to scramble down before reaching an actual downclimb about 700 feet down canyon. (Data by
wVingroonRP13 (Downclimb of about 12 feet. The drops prior to here have all been more like scrambles and you may have need your hands in a few places. This drops is about 12 feet and you will need hands and feet to get down the vertical wall. (Data by
dVingroonR1 (Rap 1 - Vinegaroon Canyon. Anchored from a cairn anchor and drops about 85 feet down a vertical wall with most of the rap as free hanging. Significant effort may be needed to farm anchor material if floods wash this one out. (Data by
wVingroonRP08 (Top of a narrow section with a series of easy downclimbs ranging from 5 to 10 feet. The narrow section is about 150 feet long before it opens up to wide wash. (Data by
wVingroonRP09 (Huge boulder blocking most of a narrow corridor. Walk around it on the RDC side. (Data by
wVingroonRP10 (Long rock slope to walk down. Shortly down canyon is a scramble down of about 8 feet. (Data by
yVinegaroonTp (Pink / white saddle. This is the top of Vingaroon Canyon running down to the west. The drainage running down to the east will lead down into upper portions of Gower Gulch. Of note you can get a good view down to Furnace Creek by walking a hundred feet or so up the slope toward the peak to the north. (Data by
wVingroonRP05 (Downclimb of about 12 feet. (Data by
wVingroonRP06 (Start of a section where travel down canyon has a lot of rock hoping and easy scrambles. (Data by
wVingroonRP07 (Confluence where another fork joins in from the RDC side. This is about 100 feet down canyon of an easy downclimb of about 10 feet. About 50 feet downcanyon of this confluence is a drop of about 15 feet that is bypassed down a slope on the LDC side followed by a downclimb of about 10 feet in a narrow chute that bells ouot at the bottom and is very awkward. (Data by
pkScorpion (Parking spot to side of road in 20 Mule Team Road. 1 - 2 vehicles. This is the spot to park for the start of Scorpion Canyon or Vinegaroon Canyon. (Data by