Highline 3.0 (This trail starts from a residential area of Lake Havasu then wanders north along the west side of the Mohave Mountains, ending on Highway 95. Kinda follows a powerline for much of the way.)
Eagle Pass 2.0 (A simple, but bone jarring, trail through a canyon in the Sacramento Mountains near Needles, California.)
Earp Falls 2.0 - 3.5 (Earp Falls is created by seepage from Copper Basin Reservoir and is a perennial waterfall. The associated wash is verdant with palm trees and other vegetation not commonly found in this area. The water is cold and clear.)
Bouse to Pipeline ford GP
Pipeline Pass 3.0
Planet Mine Alt GP
Swansea alt 2.0
Black Meadow Landing GP
Black Mesa 2.5 (Great views from a mesa surrounded by the Buckskin Mountains.)
Alice Mine 2.0 (This is a short trip to go inside an old gold-copper mine with many levels.)
Anniversary 3.0 (This is a GREAT 3.0 rated trail. There are steep loose hills, off-camber situations and a number of "where's the road?" pinnacles along the way. Throw in some expansive scenery as a bonus.)
Back Way to the Desert Bar 3.0 (Avoid the highway on your trip to the Desert Bar, aka Nellie E Saloon. A popular Jeep trail through interesting and scenic country to a bar only open on weekends. A nice trip even if the saloon is closed.)
Longo's Curse 3.5 (Somewhat difficult Jeep trail near Copper Basin. One major obstacle cannot be bypassed.)
Klaner and Doolin Pits 2.5 (This short trip has some unusual attractions. Visit hobo graves, see the Franconia railroad graveyard and loop around an abandoned kaolin mine.)
El Supremo 3.0 (This trail has a nice slot canyon, great desert scenery and a slanted squeeze that can ding up a fender flare.)
Maggie Slot Canyon 2.0 (Beautiful trip! WOW! Drive a 3 mile slot canyon and hike 2 narrow slot canyons off to the sides of the driveable one. Pass through miles and miles of Joshua trees.)
Yellowstone Passage 3.0 (Lots of fun going up, down and around short, steep hills.)
Warm Springs alt exit 2.0
Cattail Cove 3.0 (Start and end at "The Terraces" while visiting Rovey's Needle, the edges of Bill Williams Wildlife Refuge, a honeycomb and an out-of-place rust rock canyon.)
Dynamite Canyon Whipple Mountains 2.0 (An easy and very enjoyable run through the gorgeous Whipple Mountains and deep Dynamite Canyon.)
McCracken Rockhouse Cabin 2.5 (Visit a remote old silver mine with a well preserved stone cabin. Also concrete foundations and several not so well preserved cabins.)
1A Alamo Road GP
1A Shea Rd Planet Ranch GP 2.0
Warm Springs 2.5 (This is a very bumpy, and quite boring, trail that makes a loop along the edge or Warm Springs Wilderness. We do not recommend the trail, but it is well known in the area so we have included it on this website.)
Northwest Passage 2.5 (Northwest Passage is a fairly easy Jeep trail south of I-40. Visit one old and one active mine and do some mild rock crawling in a wash.)
Planet Mine 2.5 (Planet Mine was prospected by Richard Ryland in 1863, and is one of the oldest copper mines discovered by and worked by Americans in Arizona.)
Planet Ranch to Alamo Road 2.5 (A fairly easy road from Planet Ranch Conservation and Wildlife Area to Alamo Road north of Alamo Lake.)
Redline 3.5 (Red Line is mostly a long series of short, steep hills with enough obstacles thrown in to keep it interesting.)
Swansea 2.0 (Swansea is a ghost town associated with a large, but ultimately unsuccessful, copper mining operation. A plethora of information signs throughout the site make for a worthwhile visit.)
Monument Peak 2,5 (Monument Peak is a distinctive needle visible from quite a distance. It is one corner of the Colorado River Indian Reservation established in 1865.)
McGuffie Cabin 2.5 (Ford the Bill Williams River on your way from Swansea to a remote cabin near Alamo Lake.)
Earp Falls
Cattail Wall of Death
Anniversary Tipover Turn
Cattail Honeycomb
Cattail Robey's needle
Cattail Rust Rock
Earp Falls Desert Art
Longo's major obstacle area
Red Line Bypass
Klaner Hobo graves
Klaner Franconia Cemetery
Monument Peak Red Canyon