Devils PP Parking to Summit Meadow Junct
Lake Mary Mamm Mines Area
Duck Junct to S end of Duck Lake
Duck Junct to Pika Lake
Summit Mead. Junct to Fern Lake Junct
Mines to Heart Lake
JMT to Minaret Lake Route
Lake Barrett to Lakes Overlook
Lake George to Lake Barret to TJ Lake
Crystal Lake/Craig
Arrow Junct to Shelton Lake
Park to Emerald Lake
Emrld Junct to Lakes Overlook
Emerald Lake to Sky Meadows
Emrld L. to Arrow/Shelton Rt
Coldwater Creek to Duck Pass
Mamm Crest to the Thumb
Horseshoe L. to McLead
McLead to Mamm Pass
Horseshoe Lake Loop
Lake Mary Loop
Rainbow Falls to Lower Falls
From Fern Lake Jct
PP Parking to Minaret Falls
Dvils PP to Rainbow Falls Fork
Pach Creek Jct to Beck Lakes
Pach Creek Jct to Holcomb Lake
Fern Lake Junct to Pach Creek Jct.
Fern Lake to Anona Lake
Laurel Canyon to Lake Geneieve
4S86 (Laurel Creek) to Laurel Lakes
Panorama Dome
Sherwin Creek to Lake Valentine
4S86 (Laurel Creek)
Genevieve to Edith & Cloverleaf Lakes
Genevieve to Dorothy & Bighorn Lakes
Bighorn to Wit-So-Nah-Pah & Constance Lake
McGee Creek
Grass & Steelhead Lakes
Little/Big McGee Lakes
McGee Lakes to McGee Pass
Dorothy to Mildred Lake
BP-1.3: S Duck Lake to Purple Lake
BP-1.4: Purple Lake to Marsh Lake
BP-1.5: Marsh Lake to Scoop Lake
BP-1.6: Scoop to Lost Keys Lake Fork
BP-1.7: Lost Key Lakes to Iva Bell Hot Springs
BP-1.8 Iva Bell HtSprgs to Fox Meadow Fork
BP-1.9 Fox Meadow Fork to Upper Rainbow Fallls
Convict Lake to Mt. Morrison Ascent
Mt Morrison Ascent
Crystal Craig to TJ Lake Bushwhack
Fork to Rainbow Falls
Rainbow fork to TH/Bus
BP Reds to Tuolumne
BP (RtoT) Donahue Pass to Toulumne
Rush Creek Fork to Marie Lakes
BP-RtoT - Donohue Pass to Marie Lakes Fork
BP (RtoT) - Rush Creek Fork to
Rock Creek Rd.
Mosquito Flats to
Mosquito Flats to Mono Pass
Main Lodge to Jun Mountain
Okay bushwack
(A Horrible, Horrible Bushwack)

Pine Creek Canyon Lakes

Obsidian Dome TH to Glass Bowl

Iva Bell Hot Springs (Able to Access from Duck Pass TH to Fish Creek TH or vise versa. )
Clyde Minaret
Glass Bowl
Syphon Hotsprings
Cowboy camp