PU Approach
PU Punchbowl
PU Descent Narrows
PU Alt Fin Route
PU Alternate
PU Fin Route ( )
PU End (of narrows, final drop into a big punchbowl and the highway.)
PU Narrows (Real slot starts around here.)
PU Drop In (The canyon stays wide for a while but narrows up in about half a mile or so.)
PU Top of Elevator (From here, you will see a ridge almost due east. Begin to follow this with good drops on either side.)
PU Traverse (A somewhat exposed traverse, though it is very short and really not that bad.)
PU Cairn Climb (These were placed before us. A short stack of rocks grants you easy access over this small cliff.)
PU Approach (There are two way to do this approach. The only way I know of it is known as the Sheep Route. I drew this map particularly accurate so switch to satellite view.)
PU The Elevator (Elevator chute will require some moderate scrambling and climbing.)
PU Park (This gate may or may not be open. Again, this canyon has interesting access issues.)