Planning map for doing the Missinipe - Missinipe loop taking in French and Ducker lakes. Indian rock paintings on cliff by Rattler creek ingress. Will have several alternate tracks to take in 1 or 2 additional days. NOTE: The Grandmother Bay First Nations must be passed through; however, the waterways and lakes within the reserve are part of La Ronge Provincial Park. Note campsites within the reserve boundary are on First Nations land. Please respect the land and clean up after yourself.

Bearing 61.2 True 52.4 Magnetic (13U 522720E 6164296N 61.2 TN at 200M)
1.58 km to Campsite (Campsite recommended from trip report Iread on CCR. Note alternate just north of here which is supposed to be good too!)
260.3 T 251.5 M (13U 523288E 6158759N 260.3 TN at 200M)
311.6 T 302.8 M (13U 521965E 6158562N 311.6 TN at 500M)
5.75 Km to Ducker Lake

220.2 True 211.4 M (13U 529271E 6158274N 220.2 TN at 500M)
281.1 True 272.3 M (13U 527970E 6157292N 281.1 TN at 1000M)
107.7 True 98.9 M (13U 526781E 6159291N 107.7 TN at 500M)
233.9 True 225.2 Magnetic (13U 526314E 6160859N 233.9 TN at 800M)

Missinipe to French Lake Portage 8.56km

79.7 True 70.8 Magnetic

Portage on small island between the Lower Falls

Grandmother Bay First Nations Reserve (Note: Grandmother Bay, French Lake and all islands in Otter Lake are not part of the reserve. However the big 303 m portage is; and all campsites on landfall within this area )

Bearing 297 True 288.1 Magnetic Distance 1.759 km / 1.093 mi
Camp J1-2014 (Really nice. Ruined somewhat by a fish filletting table being built here. Was quite nice and clean though. Nice sunset from here!)
BIG HOLE River Right
303m (Portage in Good Condition)
108 metres (Rapids blocked by Sweepers and at best not navigable.)
Camp (Camp Second night below falls Ducker Lake. )
Camp 5
Camp 3 (Proposed campsite day 1 after about 12km. Possible stay at Camp 4 instead )
Indian Rock Art (Pretty faded but located on RR on side of cliff close to mouth of Rattler Creek.)
Crossing of Otter Lake is 2.1 km
Camp 11 ??
Camp 4 (Nice)
Camp 10
Portage - 250m
Camp255560 LAS- J2-2014 (Nice setup for 2-3 tents. No luck fishing here! Laurel Archer Page 70 )
Camp 22 - (Supposed to be nice. )
Camp 209955-LA (Page 70 Laurel Archer Book)
Camp 13
Camp 12 Nice?
Camp 14
Camp-191608-LA (Laurel Archers coordinates are in middle of water)
Camp 15?

Portage-Stairs (Land at fishing camp at base Mountain Lake. Take stairs to top and main lodge area to launch for short paddle to portage at North side of falls. )

Portage 325m
Camp-191611-LA (Page 70 Laurel Archers Book)
Camp 234585 LA (Page 70 Laurel Archer Book, never saw this one in 2014 but one at top of island is nice.)
Camp 257563 LA (Laurel Archer P70)
Camp 259563 LA (Laurel Archer P70)
Camp 267564 LA (P70 Laurel Archer-- Busy place for day fisherman. Not ideal to camp.)
Portage on Island (Portage Located on Island between 2 falls. )
NOTE: Shorline of Otter Lake and Stewart River is boundary of First Nations Revere. Water course is within La Ronge Provincial Park
CR-7 campsite
CR-7 Campsite (Actual location of Reid Pennisula not certain, but CR-7 Map shows proximity here. )
Old Portage Route.. (Longer portage route, not in great condition but passable. Large deadfall across path.)
Grandmother Bay First Nations Reserve
Campsite-CR7 (From Churchill River 7 map.)
CR 7 Campsite