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Bad Rut And Braiding (Northing:5100474 Easting:595137 Description:)
Checks Not Working (Layla 09/2016)
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Drains Starting To Fill (Layla 09/2016)
More Braids And Cupping (Layla 09/2016)
More Ruts And Braids (Layla 09/2016)
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No Signage Or Junction Or Other Trails (Layla 09/2016)
Rip Out Checks And Put Here? (Layla 09/2016)
Rut (Layla 09/2016)
Ruts And Braids Wet Area (Layla 09/2016)
Rutted And Root-y (Layla 09/2016)
Start Work (Layla 09/2016)
Start Work Drain And Severe Rut (Layla 09/2016)
Trail Looks Good (Layla 09/2016)
Turned Around, Looks Pretty Good (Layla 09/2016)
Rock Wall needed? (One 20 ft section (46.0337, -121.7740) SE of Bird Mtn is collapsing downhill. Trail upslope has sloughed (about 3 ft) over the trail, forcing hiker traffic to outside trail edge which has collapsed downhill. Collapsed section is about 1 ft wide and 2 ft down from original tread. Repair would be to build a crib wall (plenty of nearby rock) and clean uphill slough material to restore original tread.)