1A Hagerman Pass 2.0 (A relatively easy Jeep trail from Leadville over Hagerman Pass and down the other side into the Frying Pan River drainage and the western portal of the Hagerman Tunnel.)
1A Mosquito Pass 2.5 (Mosquito Pass connects Leadville on US 24 with Alma on SR 9 and is the highest pass in Colorado open to motorized travel. Great alpine scenery and plenty of old mining relics.)
1A Shrine Pass GP (Shrine Pass goes from a rest area on I-70 over the Sawatch Mountains to Red Cliff on Highway 24. It is a wide dirt road suitable for most vehicles.)
1A Webster - Montezuma 2.0 (This road connects Highway 285 near Grant to Highway 6 near Dillon, and accesses many trails in the Montezuma area.)
1A Weston Pass 2.0 (Weston Pass connects Highway 24 south of Leadville to Highway 285 south of Fairplay. ​The west side of this Jeep trail is quite rocky. The east side is OK when graded, but deteriorates over time.)
1A Georgia Pass 2.0 (Georgia Pass connects Breckenridge and Jefferson. It is like two different roads that meet at the pass. The Jefferson side is wide, smooth and well graded. The Breckenridge side is a rocky, bumpy and occasionally narrow Jeep trail. This side causes the 2.0 rating.)
Boreas Pass GP (Boreas Pass is an easy Jeep trail between Breckenridge on SR 9 and Como on US 285.)
Browns-Breakneck 2.5 (The main loop of Browns and Breakneck Passes is mostly in the trees. There are groves of aspen on each end of the loop. The southern leg is extremely narrow, and there are long stretches where it is difficult to pass an oncoming vehicle. The western spur toward lamb Mountain rises into the tundra and affords a great view of Horseshoe Gulch. This is the only interesting part of the trail - do not miss it.)
Champion - Iron Mike 2.0 - 3.5 (This is a 2.0 Jeep trail to the very interesting Champion Mill, and a 3.5 spur going to a separate basin where Iron Mike mine used to be.)
Deer Creek Saints John 2.5 (This loop is a scenic Jeep trail taking you from Montezuma up to the high ridge of Glacier Mountain, then back down to Montezuma. It is used as a connection to many other trails in the area.)
Diemer - Sellar Lakes 2.0 (Easy road to a couple of lakes west of Hagerman Pass.)
Gordon Mine 2.0 (Just west of Twin Lakes, off the road to Aspen. A short trail that can be combined with Lost Canyon 2.0 to make a longer day.)
Hagerman Tunnel 2.0 (A relatively easy Jeep trail from Leadville over Hagerman Pass and down the other side into the Frying Pan River drainage and the western portal of the Hagerman Tunnel.)
Holy Cross 4.5 (One of the most fun and challenging trails in Colorado, you can keep this trail quite a bit easier if you turn around at Holy Cross City and skip Cleveland Rock. Still, French Creek is a very challenging obstacle and if you complete it the trail still has a fairly high rating.)
Leadville Southeast 2.5 (This is a fantastic day of Jeeping southeast of Leadville! You will visit part of the historic mining area above Leadville, view numerous old mine buildings, experience two areas of high alpine Jeeping and pass by Empire Reservoir.)
Lost Canyon 2.5 (This is an easy Jeep trail that will take you to alpine driving in open meadows, as well at to a scenic peak at 13,100' elevation. The 2.5 rating only applies to the climb up to the peak - everything else is 2.0.)
Mount Bross 2.0 (Mt Bross is a great Jeep trail. Rare opportunities to drive above 14,000' and to visit a stand of Bristlecone pines.)
North and Middle Forks Swan River (Combining the Jeep trails following the North Fork of the Swan River and the Middle Fork of the Swan River makes a nice loop of scenery and challenges. The trails provide access to many other trails as well.)
Peerless Mine 2.0 (A fairly easy Jeep trail but well worth doing, especially if combined with Browns-Breakneck.)
Peru Creek PLUS 2.5 (A combination of Peru Creek, Warden Gulch, Chihuahua Gulch and Cinnamon Gulch. A great trip.)
Ptarmigan-McAllister Loop 3.0 (Ptarmigan Pass spend a lot of time in the trees, with a short section of open views at the pass. There are a few minor challenges north of the pass and a graded road south of the pass. McAllister has a huge hill climb that starts about 1.3 miles from the trailhead and continues for another 3.8 miles to the top of Resolution Mountain. Over the course of this distance it climbs 2,600 feet. This climb will worsen as erosion takes its toll.)
Radical Hill 3.5 (A short Jeep trail that climbs from 1A Webster - Montezuma 2.0 up to the high country of Deer Creek and Saints John. Shortest way from Webster Pass to the high country around Wise Mountain.)
Red Cone 3.0 (Red Cone is another Jeep trail that has a reputation for being dangerous, when it is perfectly safe as long as you pay attention. There is a one-way, somewhat steep, slippery and narrow, descent that is the area of concern. If you go off you will die, but if you are slow and careful you will be OK.)
Santa Fe Peak 2.5 (This is a short but stunning Jeep trail above Montezuma. Combine with Peru Creek PLUS 2.0, or use as a follow-up to Red Cone or a trip over Wise Mountain.)
SOB Hill 3.5 (This Jeep trail is named after the difficult obstacle at the bottom of the climb up from the Middle Fork of Swan River to Georgia Pass and Glacier Ridge. The obstacle is about 150 yards of different sized rocks in loose dirt up a steep climb. It is difficult when dry and extremely difficult when wet.)
Twin Cone 3.0 (Twin Cone is a short, but enjoyable, Jeep trail. There are several fun challenges on the way up, and the views from the top are spectacular. Looks like you can see all of Colorado.)
Wheeler Lake 3.5 ( Wheeler Lake is an in and out Jeep trail to a gorgeous alpine lake at 12,200. Beautiful waterfalls at the right time of year)
Beaver Ridge TD3
Birdseye Gulch 2.5
Browns Sheep Ridge 2.0
Crystal Lakes TD4
do not bother
Glacier Ridge TD4
Hall Valley TD4
Hunkidori Mine TD3
Kite Lake 2.0
Leadville 001 2.0
Leadville 002 GP
Leadville 003 GP
Leadville 004 GP
Leadville Beaver Dam 2.0
Leadville Paddock Wildlife 2.0
Lime Creek TD3
Mount Zion TD4
Peak 10 TD3