Alt Romannose_IN_NonExpert
Alt RomanNose_Out_NonExpert
Alt Sec 5 Elk Meadows
Alt Sec 6 Avery Tunnel Road
Alt to Trinity Mtn Lookout Gate
Alt Up to Burnt Knob Fire Lookout
Boise to Jarbridge
Sec 01 Jarbridge to Pine
Sec 02 Pine to Yellow Pine
Sec 03 Yellow Pine to Elk City
Sec 04 Elk City to Darby
Sec 05 Darby MT to Pierce
Sec 06 Pierce to Wallace
Sec 07 Wallace to Clark Fork
Sec 08 Clark Fork to Canada
Blue Cabin
Burgdorf Gas Stop
Burgdorf Hot Springs
Burnt Knob Fire Outlook
Char Falls
Clark Fork Gas Stop (477 Stephen St)
Darby Gas Stop (S Main St and N Main St and E Tanner Ave and W Tanner Ave)
Deadwood Resvr Campground
Easy in to Roman Nose Camp
Elk City Gas Stop (Elk City)
Exit from Roman Nose Camp
Expert Only to Roman Nose
Glenns Ferry Gas Stop (312 W 1st Ave)
Go East for main route
Jarbidge Official Start/Gas (Jarbidge)
Lochsa Lodge and Campground (Unpaved Road)
Lolo Fuel Stop
Lowman Gas Stop
Lunch Mtn Lookout
Official End / Gas Stop (53 Trading Post Rd)
Only Gas until Jarbridge (Hwy 51 and Hot Springs Rd)
Pierce Gas Stop (Main Ave and Hwy 11)
Pine Gas Stop
Poet Creek Campground (Magruder Corridor Rd)
River Rd Two Track
Roman Nose Campground (Unpaved Road)
Roman Nose Exit (Go this way to exit Roman Nose Campground and head to Canada border)
Trinity Lakes Campground (Unpaved Road)
Tunnel Road (Milwaukee Rd and Road and Fh 50 St Joe River Rd and Moon Pass Rd)
Up to Roman Nose Campground (In and Out up to Roman Nose Campground)
Upper Pack River Gas Stop
Wallace Gas Stop (I-90 E)
Yellow Pine Gas Stop