Track 2016-09-09
#2 Toilet Trail
#1 Denny Creek Trail
Track 2017-06-25 (Kaleetan Peak (GPS track))
Kaleetan Peak
Climbers' Trail (To find the climbers' trail, cross the Melakwa lake outflow and turn left almost immediately. The trail follows the outflow briefly and then climbs. You'll know you're on the right track when you pass the toilet.)
Trail leaves ridge (The ridge becomes too jagged here and the trail turns left and descends for several hundred feet into the valley. There may still be snow here for some time. Ice axe recommended in snowy conditions.)
Snow starts! (There are patches of snow across the trail starting here in areas of shade.)
Denny Creek Trailhead
2nd Creek Crossing (log) (The trail goes back across Denny Creek here. There's an easy log crossing. Look for the flagging.)
Creek Crossing (Difficult stream crossing; likely requires taking off boots depending on water level.)